Erik King

Dexter Not Done After Next Season?

A lot of people, including some Dread Central staff members, have fawned over this season of "Dexter." Me personally? Not so much. In fact, I was happy to hear that next season would be the last. However, it seems as if Showtime may have other plans.

New Podcast Wraps Up Season 7 of Dexter

We're still not sure how Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) managed to hug a bloody corpse at the end of last night's finale of "Dexter" without getting a drop of the red stuff on her party dress, but maybe this final "Wrap-up" podcast of Season 7 will shed some light on things. If not, at least we get to hear once again from Sgt. Doakes!

Presenting the Dexter and Doakes Two-Pack

Everyone's favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, and his nemesis from the first two seasons, Sgt. James Doakes, are about to come home in a 7-inch action figure twin-pack from Bif Bang Pow!