This is the End

This Is the End Is the Final Movie Rented at Blockbuster

It's kind of funny that out of all the millions of movies available on DVD and Blu-ray, the horror comedy This Is the End ended up being the final title rented at Blockbuster Video before officially closing its doors.

This Is the End Returns to Theaters This Weekend!

Before this year's funniest movie hits DVD & Blu-ray on October 1st, we've got one more chance to experience the hilarious hijinks on the big screen! If you haven't seen This Is the End yet, now's your chance to right that wrong!

This Is The End Comes Home This October

If there's a funnier movie that came out this year than This Is The End, then I've yet to see it. The highly immature and incredibly entertaining flick is getting ready to come home, and the special features package looks to be as fun as the movie itself!

Dinner for Fiends - Pacific Reamed

We haven’t had a lot of free time lately, and that means you’re going to need a lot of free time to digest this nearly three-hour installment of Dinner for Fiends. If you think this episode is long, just wait until you hear how contentious it gets.

This Is the End Sequel Bound?

The hilarious horror comedy This Is the End is gearing up for its UK debut this weekend (you Brits are gonna LOVE it) ,and Screen Daily caught up with the man behind the hijinx, Evan Goldberg, to ask about a potential next installment.

Box Office Report: World War Z More Like World War $

Monsters ruled the box office this weekend in a big way. The top spot belonged to the monsters of Monsters University, but nipping at their heels were the 3D PG-13 ant zombies of World War Z. How weird is it that on the small screen R-rated zombies garner huge ratings, but you have to make them bloodless PG-13 to find huge success on the big screen?

Box Office: This Is the End Off to a Solid Beginning

Who would dare challenge the Man of Steel? How about a raunchy R-rated meta-comedy about stoner actors dealing with the end of the world? This Is the End managed to hold its own against Superman even if it did make over $100 million less.

This Is the End Meets MTV's The Real World in New Promo Video; See the International Red Band Trailer

Everything we've seen from This Is the End so far has us pretty excited for the film's premiere on Wednesday, including this latest promo mash-up with MTV's "The Real World."

This Is the End of Our Review

Well, no. We'll be reviewing things for some time to come providing we too don't fall victim to our shit ass economy. What we have here is our verdict on the upcoming apocalyptic comedy This Is the End. Read on to see how this one measures up!

This Is the End (2013)

Starring Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

New This Is the End Clips Compel You

Time for a little levity, kids, and lord knows on Mondays we really need it. On tap right now are four new clips from the upcoming horror comedy This Is the End, and we have every apocalyptic second of 'em on tap for your perusal.

Far Tamer International Trailer for This Is the End

Take heart, fiends. Tamer doesn't mean any less funny. There's just no cursing, blood splattering, or blowjob jokes. See? That's not so bad! You can even let your grandma watch it after she comes down from all that medical marijuana she uses for glaucoma.

This Is the End - Character Posters and New Song by Snoop and Craig Robinson

The apocalypse is speeding at us like all four angry horsemen, and to celebrate, we have six new character one-sheets and your first listen to a new song by Snoop Lion and Craig Robinson called "Take Yo Panties Off" from the upcoming soundtrack. Dig it!

The Apocalypse Begins in This First TV Spot for This Is the End

We've already seen several trailers, a few clips, and big batches of stills from The Is the End so what's left to see? How about the first TV spot for the flick that brings us what's sure to be the funniest apocalypse ever?

Gore! Possession! Satan Himself! Yep, its Another Red Band Spot for This Is the End!

If you thought you were excited to see This Is the End before, just wait until you've checked out this latest red band spot for the flick that's full of everything we horror fans love. Dig it!