Emily Browning

Magic Magic (2013)

Starring Emily Browning, Juno Temple, Michael Cera, Sandino Moreno, Agustín Silva Directed by Sebastian Silva

Practice Magic Magic on DVD

After a successful run as part of the Park City at Midnight program during this year's Sundance, we finally have the home video specs for Sebastian Silva's Magic, Magic. Read on for details.

A New Trailer Offers Up Some Magic Magic

After a successful run as part of the Park City at Night Midnight program during this year's Sundance, we finally have a trailer for Sebastian Silva's Magic, Magic. No word on a release just yet but stay tuned!

Sundance 2013: Magic Magic Added to Midnight Showings

Another genre flick has been announced for the Sundance Film Festival's Park City at Midnight Program - Sebastian Silva's Magic, Magic. Read on for more details about the flick including stills and artwork.

AFM 2012: Everyone Looks Pensive in First Stills from Magic, Magic

With AFM 2012 looming at us like a hungry beast comprised of non-stop work and news, we're happy to get a few things out of the way early. First up we have new sales art and the first stills from Magic, Magic.

Sony Pictures Acquires Rights to Sebastian Silva's New Thriller

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has pre-bought rights in the U.S. and other territories for Sebastian Silva's upcoming new thriller that's apparently now untitled. We thought it was called Magic, Magic, but it looks like that's changed for now.

AFM 2011: Time for a Little Magic, Magic

And the parade of goodies continues. Next up for you guys is a four-page spread we've condensed neatly into one image for the upcoming flick Magic, Magic. Dig it!

Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Juno Temple to Make Magic, Magic Together

You have got to give it to Michael Cera. The guy is always surrounded by hot chicks. Speaking of which, his latest film Magic, Magic just got a lot hotter with the addition of three very lovely leading ladies.

Sucker Punch (2011)

Starring Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung Directed by Zack Snyder

Five Sucker Punch Clips To Pump You Up

If you're still trying to decide whether to catch Sucker Punch in theaters this weekend, even after our behind-the-scenes clips blowout earlier today, here's another set of clips from the film to whet your appetite.

Sucker Punch Behind-the-Scenes Blowout!

As the highly anticipated Sucker Punch busts into movie theaters tomorrow, March 25, we have a treat for you all in the form of several behind-the-scenes clips. When you are done checking them out, sound off in the comments section below!

Go Retro with Five International Sucker Punch Posters

We know Sucker Punch is on the fringe of horror at best, but it's one of our most anticipated films of the year, and damnit, the marketing campaign is too damn cool to ignore. For instance, check out these five new WWII style retro posters that recently hit the Net.

Third Sucker Punch Trailer Offers a Collaborative Component

If the latest trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming Sucker Punch doesn't give you that waiting and fading and floating away feeling, then it's likely nothing will! Check it out, and then visit the film's "Trailer Painter" to be part of a collaborative video project.

Sucker Punch Bonanza: New Poster, Character Stills, Expanded Synopsis, and a Featurette!

Hot on the heels of the sexy new Sucker Punch banner unveiled earlier this week comes a wealth of new material: a new poster, character stills, a first-look photo, and a featurette entitled "Fight for Freedom". Sit back, get comfortable, and accept that you're unprepared for what's to come! Synopsis: Close your eyes. Open your mind. You will be unprepared.

Sexy New Sucker Punch Banner

Hot chicks, giant dragons, swords, and violence. Is there a reason to not be excited for Zack Snyder's upcoming flick, Sucker Punch? Get ready to dig on a hot off the press new bit of eye candy, and we mean eye candy! Synopsis: