Emily Booth

The Reverend Gets a Release Date

The last time we mentioned The Reverend was around this exact time last year. Might this have something to do with the approach of Christmas? Of course not, but we're in the spirit and see good cheer everywhere! So, wait.... back to the movie...

Exclusive: Horror Hostess Emily Booth Talks Acting, Directing, and Presenting

Any self-respecting horror aficionado living or spending time in the UK has most certainly laid his or her peepers on the delectable Emily Booth. The glamorous horror hostess and scream queen recently dropped by to chat about the past, present, and future of her varied career.

Make a Date with The Reverend

We've been talking about the big screen adaptation of The Reverend for quite some time here on DC, and the flick now has a release date! Say your prayers, kids! And remember... never take the Eucharist from a stranger!

Fire Busts Out in New Imagery from The Reverend

Wake up, kiddies! We've got two big reasons why you should be excited for the upcoming flick The Reverend along with some fiery action to warm your bones this first week of the new year! Dig it!

Your Thirst Quenched for the Latest One-Sheet for The Reverend

After seeing this latest one-sheet for The Reverend, one thing is abundantly clear... Someone has bad table manners. Or bed manners. Or wherever the hell he just feasted on someone manners.

New One-Sheets for The Reverend Take a Stand Against Evil

Consider yourself compelled to check out these holier than thou one-sheets for the new supernatural chiller The Reverend! Once you're done, say three Hail Marys, five Our Fathers, and recite the entire first verse from Rapper's Delight.

First Trailer for The Reverend Preaches the Horror Gospel

It's been a while since last we've seen or heard anything coming out of the camp for the new supernatural chiller The Reverend, but like the good lord said... let there be light! Or in this case... let there be a trailer!

First Images From The Reverend Pop Up Online

Just yesterday we brought you the first news on The Reverend starring Rutger Hauer, and now today the first imagery from the flick has slipped online including the first look at the great Doug Bradley as Reverend Andrews.

Say Your Prayers! Rutger Hauer Starring in The Reverend

It's awesome to see Rutger Hauer getting so much work lately. To say that his presence has been missed from the screen over the last several years is a bit of an understatement. Thankfully the man is back and is as badass as ever!