Emilie Autumn

Exclusive: Emilie Autumn Talks Fight Like a Girl, The Devil's Carnival Episode 2 and More!

Things macabre, Victorian and aurally and visually arresting are in store for fans of American singer, songwriter and Devil’s Carnival actress Emilie Autumn, who sat down recently with us to chat regarding her new single Fight Like a Girl, her new band Platonic Friends, and Episode 2 of Devil’s Carnival.

The Devil's Carnival Kicking Off Another Road Tour at the San Diego Comic-Con

Director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer/performer Terrance Zdunich are bringing their groundbreaking musical film fusion event The Devil's Carnival to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 13th, at the Gaslamp Theatre prior to kicking of their second road tour for the project.

Check Out Your First Look at Emilie Autumn in The Devil's Carnival

And just what would Super Bowl Sunday be without some super cool eye candy to dole out for you before the big game? Get ready to take in an eyeful, kids, as we have even more ocular candy on tap for The Devil's Carnival.