Embodiment of Evil

New Stills from Embodiment of Evil!

There are few characters that engender the type of devotion fans feel toward Coffin Joe. But if you've seen his films, you know he's a unique individual whose badassedness is indisputable.

Coffin Joe's Superior Movie

Nothing makes me happier than having a true icon in the genre return to form in a big way. José Mojica Marins' long awaited official third installment in his Coffin Joe trilogy has swept itself a casket full of awards!

Embodiment of Evil, The

New Coffin Joe Film Met with Warm Reception

Hungry for more news about Coffin Joe's return to the big screen? You should be. Co-writer of the new film, Dennison Ramalho, updated his official Embodiment of Evil blog with some some news from the film's first ever showing!

Wanna Date Coffin Joe?

While it may not be the official Coffin Joe, star Raymond Castile has constructed a special fan-film for the evil mortician where Joe searches for the perfect mate via his own Reality TV dating show!

Meat Train Penner Finds Hell Within

Jeff Buhler, screenwriter of the upcoming Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train (trailer), just wrapped up work on his directorial debut, Insanitarium, which we last told you about back in April.

Horror Comes to Rio!

Seems like every corner of the world has their own film festival these days, so I really think one needs to be as picky as possible as to which the hit up. Sure, the climate doesn’t make a helluva lot of difference when you’re sitting in theater all day, but wouldn’t it just be so much cooler to be in, say, Rio de Janeiro watching movies?

Embodiment of Evil Trailer Online!

The wicked Zé do Caixão, a.k.a. Coffin Joe started terrifying audiences in the 1964 classic At Midnight I Take Your Soul. That film and its sequel, 1967's This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse, are masterpieces of the macabre.

Castile, Raymond (The Embodiment of Evil) Audio

"What is life? It's the beginning of death! What is death? It's the end of life! What is existence? It's the circle of blood! What is blood? It's the meaning of existence!" That's some deep shit, man. The above rant comes courtesy of the evil Zé do Caixão, a.k.a. Coffin Joe, in the 1964 cl

Behind-the-Scenes Evil!

When word broke that José Mojica Marins was planning on bringing the ever-so-evil Zé do Caixão (lovingly known to us as Coffin Joe) back to the big screen in the upcoming film The Embodiment of Evil, both myself and fans everywhere were ecstatic.

Evil Has Wrapped!

We’ve been keeping up on the triumphant return of Coffin Joe to film since the project was first announced, so I'm happy that we can let you guys know that production on the movie, The Embodiment of Evil, has officially wrapped!

Evil Ready to Roll

Following up on the details we provided you with in our last story on the project, Fangoria found out from producer/writer Dennison Ramalho that the triumphant return of Coffin Joe to cinemas, The Embodiment of Evil, will be going in front of cameras on November 2nd with shooting scheduled to r

Full Details on Coffin Joe's Return!

Earlier today we reported on a bit of news that showed up over on Twitch about the return of the legendary Coffin Joe (aka Jose Mojica Marins) to film (read it here). Details were light at the time so we went digging and struck gold in the form of screenwriter Dennison Ramalho ("Love For Mother Only").