Elizabeth Banks

Jack Quaid and Willow Shields Join The Hunger Games

Two more up-and-coming young actors have signed on for Lionsgate's adaptation of The Hunger Games, one of whom has quite an impressive Hollywood pedigree.

Leven Rambin Will Glimmer for The Hunger Games

Another day. Another bit of casting news for The Hunger Games. Don't be surprised if even more comes later in the day as well. That's just how movies like this roll. Everyone wants in. The question remains though ... will you want in the theatre?

Elizabeth Banks to Play Hunger Games?

And the casting news for The Hunger Games remains white hot, as yet another young actor is vying for a part in the new tweener craze which may just dethrone Twilight as the reigning king of the youngsters' hearts.

The Dark Fields are Now Limitless

The next star-studded horror flick from director Neil Burger has gotten a snazzy new moniker and a host of on-set video journals. Interested? Yeah, we figured that you would be.

The Dark Fields Moves From Universal to Overture and Heads to Theatres

Sometimes a little shake-up is a great way to get things in gear. Such is the case with Neil Burger's new fright film, The Dark Fields.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Journals - The Dark Fields

Looking forward to Neil Burger's upcoming horror flick The Dark Fields? Yeah, we are, too. If only for the amazing cast line-up! To get you further worked up, Rogue Pictures has released six video diaries to dig on!

Abbie Cornish Next to Enter The Dark Fields

Yet another name has been added to the ever-growing list of stars that comprise the great cast of Neil Burger's upcoming horror flick The Dark Fields.

Andrew Howard Brings Evil to The Dark Fields

Every good film needs a good villain, and if there's one thing that actor Andrew Howard is damned good at, it's being completely and unabashedly wicked. Guess that makes him the logical choice to play the heavy in the upcoming flick The Dark Fields.

Anna Friel the Next to Run Through The Dark Fields

Is it just us, or are there like four million movies featuring the word "fields" in their titles lately? In any event only one of those films is home to actor Robert De Niro, and that's the one we're most interested in!

Rogue Pictures to Open The Dark Fields in 2011

We finally have a release date for Neil Burger's feature film adaptation of The Dark Fields. Look for the flick to hit theatres nationwide on March 18th, 2011. Yes, that seems like one hell of a wait but some things are just worth it.

Robert De Niro Heads Off into The Dark Fields

Here at Dread Central there are certain actors whom we will watch no matter what they do. One such person who falls under that category is the legendary Robert De Niro, and we get especially excited when it turns out that his next flick will be in the horror genre!

Elizabeth Banks to Head Out into the Dark Fields?

We've been big fans of Elizabeth Banks ever since her role in Slither (we'll just pretend that The Uninvited never happened), and so we're kind of stoked that there's a good chance she'll be returning to our genre really soon!

Video Interviews With the Ladies of The Uninvited!

For those of you dying for more info on The Uninvited, the U.S. remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, we’ve got three interviews with the lovely lead ladies for you to feast your eyes upon!

An Uninvited Trailer

If you've still got an itch for remakes of Korean movies, and who doesn't these days, then we're glad to say the trailer for The Uninvited is now online!

Anchor Bay Catches The Alphabet Killer

Rob Schmidt’s The Alphabet Killer has been sitting in limbo for so long, I had almost forgotten about it. Lucky for us Anchor Bay never did, though, as Fangoria learned today that the label has named Schmidt’s Wrong Turn follow-up for distribution.