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Get Captured by these Images and Clips from Salem Episode 1.11 - Cat and Mouse

Just three episodes are left in Season 1 of WGN America's "Salem," and we plan to savor each one! If you're as much of a heathen as we are, here are several sneak peeks and stills from Episode 1.11, "Cat and Mouse."

See Another Clip from Salem Episode 1.09 - Children, Be Afraid; Shane West Talks John & Cotton's Bromance

We have two new videos to share with fans of WGN America's "Salem" today. One is a clip from Episode 1.09, "Children, Be Afraid," focusing on Increase and Mary, and the other is an "Ask Salem" snippet in which Shane West explains Cotton and John's complex relationship.

New Images and Clips Stir the Cauldron of Salem Episode 1.09 - Children, Be Afraid

Our hearts were breaking for poor Cotton at the end of the last episode of "Salem," and things don't look to be getting any better for him - or anyone else in Increase's path - in the upcoming Episode 1.09, "Children, Be Afraid." Check out these stills and clips for clues of what's ahead.

Children, Be Afraid of this New Preview of Salem Episode 1.09

Week in and week out, we remind you all that you should be watching WGN America's "Salem." If you've been listening and are ready for a peek at what's ahead, here's a preview of next week's Episode 1.09, "Children, Be Afraid." The death rate just keeps "Increasing"!

New Teaser Video Tells the Saga of Salem

Are you among the many heathens who tuned in to watch "Salem" on WGN America this past Sunday night? Looking forward to what's ahead? Then check out this new teaser video the network released to get a taste of the wicked things coming soon!

Go Inside Salem Episode 1.01 - The Vow

So, did you spend your Easter Sunday night with the witches of "Salem"? If you answered in the affirmative, then check out this "inside" look at Episode 1.01, "The Vow," and read on for the first details on Episode 1.02, "The Stone Child."

Learn Some Secrets of Salem and Our Reasons Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Watch the Premiere

We got a look at the premiere of WGN America's "Salem" a little early and are here to give you an idea of the seductive sorcery the series is offering plus provide a peek behind the scenes at the "Secrets of Salem."

Avatar Star Stephen Lang Heads from Pandora to Salem

This Sunday night marks the season premiere of WGN America's "Salem," which kicks off at 10/9c. As we anxiously await the start of the televised witch hunt, a familiar face has just come on board the series, and we've got all the character details for ya today!

Janet Montgomery Chooses the Hunter or the Hunted in Latest 'Ask Salem' Video

We've seen the first episode of "Salem" and will be back soon with our thoughts on why you should (or shouldn't) tune in, but in the meantime WGN has released another "Ask Salem" promo video in which series co-star Janet Montgomery chooses between the hunter or the hunted.

Elise Eberle Talks Playing Mercy in New 'Ask Salem' Video

Just a few more days stand between us and the witches of "Salem." Will they live up to our expectations? Here are a few more clues from series co-star Elise Eberle, who plays the "mysteriously afflicted" Mercy Lewis on WGN America's upcoming new show.