Eli Roth

UK's Horror Channel to Do The Devil's Business and Get Stiff this May!

Heading into May, the UK's Horror Channel have a number of impressive UK premieres up their sleeves - including Sean Hogan's terrifically chilling The Devil's Business (review here) and Keith Wright's touching and modest Harold's Going Stiff.

Hemlock Grove Scores Big with Early Viewers

Eli Roth's series for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," has been met with quite an unbalanced reaction from fans. Honestly, we've seen everything from "it sucks" to "it's awesome" so at the very least it has people talking, and that's always a good thing. However, it also has them watching.

The Last Exorcism Part II Gets a UK Theatrical Date and Trailer!

If you're in the UK and enjoyed the joint-cracking demonic contortionism of Daniel Stamm's original The Last Exorcism, then you'll be delighted to know you can experience more of the story this June 7th, as The Last Exorcism Part II lands in cinemas courtesy of Studio Canal.

Twitchy New Hemlock Grove Motion Poster

Eli Roth's new series for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," is getting set to make its premiere tomorrow, and to celebrate its arrival, a new motion poster has gripped the Internet. Check it out right here to whet your appetite for some binge viewing!

An Extended Trailer for Hemlock Grove Spreads the Red

Tired of all the blink and you missed it promo videos? Then, my friend, this one is for you! A NOT SAFE FOR WORK extended and gory look at Eli Roth's series for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," has arrived, and it's good. Very good! Dig it!

New Hemlock Grove Clip Walks on Down the Hallway

Clip numero cinco is here in honor of Eli Roth's new series for Netflix entitled "Hemlock Grove" and we the entire 20 seconds of it right here for you perusal. Hey, what can we tell, ya? Sometimes quickies are good!

UPDATE: First Look at the Theatrical Poster for Aftershock

While we all wait patiently for the unveiling of the official U.S. poster art for Aftershock, director Nicolas Lopez took to his Instagram account and gave the world an early peek. Check it out!

Famke Janssen is Smokin' Hot in this Latest Hemlock Grove Clip

Another day, another clip from Eli Roth's upcoming show for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove." As you may have guessed if you've been following along, yes, it's pretty short, but it does feature Famke Janssen and that's never a bad thing!

New Clip from Hemlock Grove Crashes Onto the Internet

Another clip from Eli Roth's upcoming show for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," has arrived and we have every smashed and banged-up second of it right here for your perusal. Check it out and look for more on this one ASAP!

Blink and You'll Miss This Hemlock Grove TV Spot

Talk about fast! Check out this latest TV spot for Eli Roth's upcoming show for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove." which comes and goes faster than a minute man at The Bunny Ranch. Yeah.... it's that damned fast. Dig it!

A Giant-Sized Clip from Hemlock Grove

Clip numero dos for Eli Roth's new series for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," is here, and it is big enough to tower over the masses. So far we have werewolves and now giants. Bring this one on already! Check it out!

WonderCon 2013: The Monster Is Within this First Clip from Hemlock Grove

On the first night of WonderCon 2013, Netflix debuted a clip from "Hemlock Grove" that gives us a taste of the type of werewolf transformation we can expect from the series. Check it out here, and let us know what you think.

New Hemlock Grove Trailers Tease the Terror to Come

On tap right now for you cats excited to sink your teeth into a night of binge viewing are several new trailers for the Eli Roth created series "Hemlock Grove." Check in for the goodies right here, and look for more soon.

Hemlock Grove Goes International with New Trailer

Time for a little international flavor in terms of a bit of new footage included in this latest trailer for the new Netflix series from Eli Roth entitled "Hemlock Grove." Check in for the goodies right here, and look for more soon.

Aftershock to Make Your Theatre Tremble in May

Good news for those of you looking forward to seeing Nicolas Lopez’s Aftershock (review)! The flick will be opening in limited theaters on May 10th. That being said... let's get ready to rumble and commit heinous acts of violence, shall we?