Eli Roth

Eli Roth Taking Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgard on a Trip to Hemlock Grove

The first bit of casting news has come in for Eli Roth's upcoming project for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove", and it's pretty interesting to say the least and definitely makes us more than a little intrigued to see how this all turns out!

Bloody First Images From Aftershock

A handful of new images made their way online for Eli Roth Presents Aftershock, a film we've been talking about for quite a few months now here on Dread Central. Dig on the goodies right here.

Selena Gomez and Eli Roth to Feel the Aftershock

Finally some more news has come out regarding Aftershock, a film we've been talking about for quite a few months now here on Dread Central. Read on for the latest.

Last Exorcism Sequel Gearing Up for Production with a Director and Start Date

We already knew Ashley Bell would be back for the sequel to The Last Exorcism, and now comes word as to who will be behind the camera barking contortion orders to her: Ed Gass-Donnelly (This Beautiful City, Small Town Murder Songs) has been tapped to direct the R-rated follow-up to the 2010 PG-13 film.

Andrea Osvart Feels the Aftershock

Some quick casting news has come our way for the Eli Roth produced flick Aftershock that fills us with the urge to start trembling. Read on for all of the details, shaken ... not stirred.

Exclusive: Dread Central Visits the Set of Hostel Part III

It was back on Friday, September 17, 2010, that I flew to Detroit, Michigan, for a set visit to director Scott Spiegel’s then-filming Hostel Part III (which releases direct-to-DVD via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on December 27th).

Get Infested With an Exclusive Clip from Hostel Part III

Time once again to hit you sickos off with some mayhem that's sure to get you itchy. Grab your can of Raid, slip into your Tyvek suit, and dig on this exclusive clip from Hostel Part III (review here)!

New Clip from Hostel Part III Gets All Dressed Up

Time for more video carnage to get you through the day on the way to the big holiday weekend. Next up, a tasty new clip from the better than it has any right to be Hostel Part III (review here). Check it out!

Eli Roth Producing and Directing Hemlock Grove for Netflix

You know, despite its waning popularity, we're still rooting for Netflix to get itself together and win back the hearts of consumers lost when they went batshit a few months ago. Hopefully this latest bit of news will give it the nudge in the right direction that it so desperately needs.

Hostel Part III (DVD)

Starring Brian Hallisay, Kip Pardue, John Hensley, Chris Coy, Skyler Stone, Sarah Habel, Thomas Kretschmann Directed by Scott Spiegel

Massive Hostel: Part III Image Gallery Now Online!

You want stills from Hostel: Part III? Holy cow, are you getting stills from Hostel: Part III! We're talking dozens here, kids! Eye candy galore. Much to look at. Tons! Be warned, though, that some have a few spoilers here and there so it's up to you to decide if you wanna look!

Actress Jamie Chung Talks Upcoming Epic Kung-Fu Adventure Flick The Man With the Iron Fists

We're not sure just how genre-worthy co-writer/director RZA's upcoming directorial debut The Man With the Iron Fists, an epic-style action adventure flick modeled after classic kung-fu flicks of the 70s, is; but when you've got a co-writer like Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino presenting the film as the proverbial cherry on top, it's hard to not pay attention to what sounds like a rather intriguing and pretty badass movie.

2011 Shockfest Celebrates Eli Roth, Clint Howard, James Gunn, and More

We know there are a lot of genre festivals out there these days, but there's one in particular that just popped up on our radars here at Dread Central: the Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood, which celebrates short narratives, documentaries, and music videos that are different from the mainstream, films that move audiences (even if it means shaking them up), and of course some incredibly "shocking" flicks as well.

Eli Roth Investigates Evil in New Episode of Discovery's Curiosity

We all have a dark side to our personalities, possessing both a yin and yang, a devil and angel, a Batman and Joker (…by the way, I will be giving thanks this Thanksgiving for Arkham City). But just what side controls you, the dark or light, and to what extreme? Modern day horror icon Eli Roth will explore that question on the next episode of Discovery Channel's "Curiosity", entitled "How Evil Are You?"

Hostel: Part III - DVD Art and Trailer Bet on Blood Red

Recently we got a chance to check out Hostel: Part III, and believe it or not, it is actually pretty damned good. Look for a full review soon, but in the interim here's the artwork and trailer!