EFM 2012

Avoid Late Fees! Magnolia Sets a Date for V/H/S!

Eagerly awaiting the highly acclaimed anthology flick V/H/S (review here)? Then we are about to make you incredibly happy as some rock solid release news has come in!

V/H/S Region Locked for UK Distro

Good news for our friends in the UK looking to sink their claws into the Sundance smash V/H/S (review here)... Screen Daily reports that Momentum Pictures has acquired all UK distro rights!

New One-Sheets and Image Gallery for The Mooring

More visual goodness has hit our desks for the upcoming trapped in the woods with psychos flick The Mooring, and on tap for you we have several new one-sheets and a gallery of the first imagery. Dig it!

The 4th Reich Marching in Berlin

How's that for a headline right out of a horror movie? While in all actuality what we're talking about here is far less dramatic, we just couldn't resist!

The Graystone Ghosts Land Distribution at EFM

More good news is coming out of Berlin's big film dance known as EFM. ARC Entertainment and XLrator Media have landed domestic distribution for Sean Stone's found footage fright flick Graystone.

Online Gamer Falls for the Rat King

As avid gamers, we often wonder how people who become obsessed with online hijinx can get along outside of the cyber world. Everyone knows at least one person who's addicted to World of Warcraft to this very day. It was only a matter of time before things turned deadly.

The Mooring Teaches Us Technology Is Our Friend

Here's the thing... as obtrusive as they can be, cell phones, etc., can save your life if, say, you're in a car accident or maybe if you're being chased through the woods by homicidal maniacs. Good thing for us this latest bunch of kids are gonna find that out the hard way.

Lick Up Some New Artwork for The Thompsons

It was exactly a year ago to the day that we did our last news story about the Butcher Brothers' upcoming sequel to the vampire flick The Hamiltons, known as The Thompsons, and we've got your first look at the artwork straight from Berlin's EFM! Dig it!

The Devil Seed Spreads at EFM

Being sold at this year's EFM by Imagination Worldwide is Devil Seed (formerly The Darkness), and we have the artwork and sales trailer on tap for you right here! Dig it!

The Pact and Lovely Molly Find International Distro at EFM; Synchronicity Films Climb The Devil's Staircase

Two more genre flicks have gotten some international distribution at Berlin's big dance, the European Film Market, and a new project has been announced! We've got the info on each. Read on for details.

Raven Banner Has a Monster Brawl Before They Exit Humanity

And the acquisition news keeps coming in fast and furious out of the European Film Market in Berlin. Two more genre flicks have nabbed some distribution. Read on for the latest!

Frankenstein's Army Finds Distro Overseas

More news coming out of the European Film Market in Berlin... The long awaited film from Richard Raaphorst, Frankenstein's Army, has nailed down some distribution. Read on for the skinny!

The Mask of the Red Death Proves to be Infectious in Berlin

Another retelling of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale is on its way and we have the first details and early sales art for you right here! Dig it!

Arc Entertainment Goes to Hell with Roland Emmerich

Curious to see what Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow) can do small scale? Well then, you'll be happy to hear that his low-budget apocalyptic tale Hell has been acquired for U.S. release through Arc Entertainment later this year.

Epic to Distribute V/H/S Abroad

Even more good news for the filmmakers behind the anthology V/H/S (review here)... Screen Daily reports that Epic Pictures has taken on foreign sales rights to the Sundance hit and will be selling the film worldwide.