Need a Pick-Me-Up? Dig on the NSFW Trailer Debut for Lars Von Trier's Melancholia!

But, really, what can brighten your day more than a glimpse at the end of the world? Like it or not, it's coming. The signs have been in place for several years. Bush gets reelected. Lady Gaga is worshiped. Sarah Palin is taken seriously. Pia goes home on "American Idol". It's all going down, man!

Exclusive - Uwe Boll Sounds off On Berlin Lawsuit

The other day I reported on a Hollywood Reporter story about how Uwe Boll is filing a lawsuit against the Berlin Film Festival over the matter of the fest's differing requirements when it comes to the 125 euro ($170) entrance fee.

Magnolia Suffers From Melancholia

More distro news coming in from EFM, this time for what's bound to be the feel good movie of the year from Lars von Trier, Melancholia. Read on to find out who will distribute the apocalypse once it comes. Magnolia Pictures has picked up the disaster flick featuring an all-star cast who are just waiting to meet their imminent demise via interplanetary chaos.

Darren Bousman's 11 11 11 Sells to Multiple Territories - New Still Debuts

A swarm of news coming out of this year's EFM, this time concerning Darren Bousman's latest film 11 11 11, which just sold to a bunch of territories and had a new bit of imagery slip online! Dig it!

AWP Secures Worldwide Distro For Jabberwocky

Oh, EFM. So many stories. So little free time for us this weekend! Still, it's our duty to get you all the news that's fit to print in horror (and realistically we could be flippin' burgers somewhere) so let's keep the train cooking!

German Distributor Telepool Nabs Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance 3D

If you reside in a German-speaking country and have been wondering if you'd be able to see the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3D upon its completion, rest easy. Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Intl. has struck a distribution deal with German distributor Telepool.

John Carpenter's The Ward Lands US Distribution at EFM

As promised, there's more news coming in from Berlin and the 2011 European Film Market, and this is some of the best we've heard in a while. John Carpenter's The Ward finally has Stateside distro!

Pre-Production Under Way on Stuart Gordon's The Men

The folks wheeling and dealing at the 2011 EFM couldn't care less that it's the weekend as evidenced by the news that director Stuart Gordon and his Re-Animator producer Brian Yuzna are in pre-production on The Men.

In the Name of the Boll - A Berlin Film Festival Lawsuit

In what may very well be the oddest movie news story of the day, Uwe Boll is suing the Berlin Film Festival over their refusal to screen his new Auschwitz movie. Not because they find the film to be too disturbing or horribly exploitive or because Germans don't like to be reminded of their shameful past. No, Boll just doesn't want to pay the $170 entry fee.