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Fantasia 2009 Line-Up Announced

While we wait for the schedule for Fantasia 2009 to be finalized, we did receive a couple of press release announcing the fest's line-up, and per usual, those of you who are planning to attend are in for one helluva genre extravaganza.

Haig for President?

All right, I’ve seen some weird shit during this ongoing political campaign, but I really thought the choice of Palin as Republican vice presidential candidate was going to be the most insane. Leave it to Sid Haig to prove me wrong.

TCM Reunion, Award Nominess for Eerie Horror Film Festival

Just under two weeks to go before the Eerie Horror Film Festival takes over The Warner Theater in Erie, PA for the first time, and needless to say, its organizers (our very own David & Melissa Bostaph among them) are eagerly waiting the film festival’s debut in the prestigious theater.

Zombies & Scarecrows in Erie! Oh My!

Whatcha doing September 13th if you're in the Erie Pennsylvania area? I'll tell you what -- you're gonna dress up like a ghoul and shamble for charity that's what! Greg Ropp of the Eerie Horror Festival dropped us a line with the skinny on the frightful event:


Meet Ruins Director Carter Smith

While it was no Prom Night, Carter Smith’s The Ruins was an effective little flick with a nice smattering of good old fashioned gore. If only a few more people would have checked it out in the theaters.

Brides of Dracula

title says it all.
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Event Report: Eerie Horror Film Festival 2007

As the doors closed at the Erie Playhouse late Sunday night, it marked the end of the Eerie Horror Film Festival’s fourth and most successful year to date. Groups of friends, old and new, gathered in huddles exchanging emotional goodbyes and promises of next year’s event. For those of us who were involved in the inner workings of the fest, the locking of the doors behind us was bittersweet.

Eerie Fest Schedule Announced

The Northeast's largest horror film event, The Eerie Horror Film Festival, has just announced its official line-up, and wow is this fest set to kick a copious amount of ass! Let's take a look at the gory goods, shall we? For exact showtimes and more make sure you click the link above! Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

EHFF Guest List Update

Let it never be said that the Eerie Horror Film Fest doesn't take care of its fans. Hot on the heels of the recent unfortunate announcement that George A.

Romero Appearances Cancelled

Word came down the other day that George A. Romero had cancelled his appearance at both the Eerie Horror Film Festival and Rock and Shock due to an unexplained illness. What we didn’t know at the time but have since learned is that Romero had actually collapsed and was hospitalized.