Eduardo Sanchez

Lovely Molly Gets Possessed by This New Motion Poster!

Remember in the Back to the Future flicks when the latest entry in the JAWS franchises ad was a 3D hologram? Well, we're not quite there yet, but damn it we love motion posters! Check out this latest one for indie film Lovely Molly.

Cast Out to Prove Bigfoot Exists

If there's one Bigfoot flick out there that we're really excited for, it's Eduardo Sanchez's latest trip back to the woods, Exists. That being said, some casting news has hit the wire! Read on for details.

Lovely Molly Gets Haunted in this Latest Trailer

One flick we cannot wait for you guys to dig on, Lovely Molly, just got itself a brand spanking new trailer that's likely to haunt you throughout the day. We know you LOVE when that happens!

SXSW 2012 Exclusive Interview: Eduardo Sanchez and Gretchen Lodge Discuss Lovely Molly, Upcoming Projects and More

In Eduardo Sanchez's latest genre offering Lovely Molly, audiences are introduced to the titular character (played by Gretchen Lodge) as a young newlywed with a promising future before she moves back into her long-abandoned childhood home with her husband (Johnny Lewis).

Stony New One-Sheet for Lovely Molly

A new one-sheet has hit the interwebs for the startling new film from Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) entitled Lovely Molly (review here), and we have it for ya right here! Dig it!

Image Unleashing Lovely Molly in May

Good news for fans looking forward to the startling new film from Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) entitled Lovely Molly (review here)! Image Entertainment will be releasing the film on May 18th. Details to follow.

AFM 2011: Lovely Molly Finds a Home at Image Entertainment

It's times like these we don't mind working on the weekend as the latest news coming out of AFM has one of the best films we've seen all year, Eduardo Sanchez's Lovely Molly (review here), finding domestic distribution with Image Entertainment. The deal comes as Content Film sells international territories at AFM, and we couldn't be happier that our Stateside readers at least are assured of seeing this one sooner rather than later.

Content Film Looking to Find Lovely Molly a Home

One flick we're SUPER excited for you guys to see is the latest film from Eduardo Sanchez, Lovely Molly (review here). Simply put, it's pretty badass and spooky as hell. Hopefully you'll be doing so sooner rather than later. Read on!

Killer Vampire Film Midnight Son Hits FEARnet in January 2012

The unique vampire thriller Midnight Son will make its debut on FEARnet early in 2012. With both television and VOD capabilities, the FEARnet launch is an excellent opportunity for the filmmakers to get their picture out to the masses. Midnight Son is a totally original new look at the vampire genre. Read on for the deets.

Eduardo Sanchez Talks Third Blair Witch Project

Like it, love it, or hate it, The Blair Witch Project defined the cinéma vérité style horror films that have exploded over the last few years. Without it we'd have no Paranormal Activity, no [REC] franchise, etc. Talk of a third entry, despite the horrid second film, has been going on for years; and we have the latest for you right here!

Lovely Molly (2011)

Starring Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Ken Arnold, Tony Ellis Directed By Eduardo Sanchez

TIFF 2011: Badass Teaser Trailer Debut - Lovely Molly

Just yesterday we brought you the first clip from Eduardo Sanchez's latest film, Lovely Molly, and now that the first teaser trailer is here, one thing is really apparent ... there's a lot of stuff going on, and all of it is spooky!

Creepy First Clip from Lovely Molly

Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project, Seventh Moon, Altered) knows how to do creepy probably just as well if not better than any filmmaker working within the biz. His latest flick, Lovely Molly, is just days away from playing at the Toronto International Film Festival, and we've got a clip for you.

TIFF 2011: Exclusive One-Sheet Debut: Eduardo Sanchez's Lovely Molly

When it comes to tapping into fear in its most primal form, few directors do it better than Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project, Altered, Seventh Moon). When word broke that he had a new film premiering at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, we immediately got on the case and have brought you back the goods!

Eduardo Sanchez to Prove Bigfoot Exists

A new film is on the way from one half of the directing team that brought us the still terrifying little flick The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez, and we can't wait to get lost in the woods again!