7 Deadly Sinns: PG13-ification!

There’s a lot to be afraid of in the world of horror. Vampires, werewolves, and undead monsters are just the tip of the iceberg; mad cannibalistic killers, rage churning viruses, and behemoths from the deep help keep up the mass. Talk of these things can be found throughout the internet in the vast plethora of horror discussion boards. Not yet mentioned among these fear-inducing monstrosities is one diseased abomination that always sparks up a fuss.

Split Grindhouse? Joe Lynch Retorts!

Ed note: You may not know the name Joe Lynch yet, but something tells me when Wrong Turn 2 comes out later this year you'll be wishing you did. Joe's been a friend of the site for a while now and has some very strong opinions about the Weinsteins' recent comments about possibly splitting up the Grindhouse movies in an attempt to recuoup their costs. We just had to get the man's voice out there cause damnit, he's right! Enjoy!