The Weekly Wrap-Up: September 6-12, 2008

September 6-12, 2008, was a busy week of serendipity, shorts, and a few surprises.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 30-September 5, 2008

I've started looking forward to Friday nights, when I sip some vino and cull the stories that will comprise the Weekly Wrap-Up. Sometimes it is a struggle to find the thread that ties them together, but for the week of August 30-September 5, 2008, it was no problem determining the theme: Indies! Incredible, edible indies.

Repo's Lament

The horror genre has always been maligned by the mainstream. For as long as I can remember, the general public has frowned upon not only horror movies but also games, TV programs, books, you name it. As a result the horror community has remained small and extremely tight-knit.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 23-29, 2008

So here it is already Labor Day Weekend, 2008. Man, it seems like just a few days ago I was peeling July off the calendar as we entered the month of August. But no, it really is time for the August 23-29, 2008, Weekly Wrap-Up.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 16-22, 2008

Here it is the third week of August, and it's obvious we're solidly in the middle of the dog days of summer. Not that it's especially hot where I am, but from the slow influx of news over the period from August 16-22, 2008, anyone can see that it's a stagnant time in Hollywood and the rest of the horror community.

7 Deadly Sinns: Twins of Evil

Oh, diabolical duplicity! There are abominations out there in the world; twisted hive minds dually cast in humanizing flesh and blood. Society would have us believe them harmless, perhaps even friendly. Science might even agree. Film, however, has shown us the facts of the case. These dastardly duos, these insidious inseparables, these twins, as they are colloquially called, they are out there in the world, waiting, scheming, and conniving your imminent and bloody destruction! Evil twins want to destroy the world!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 9-15, 2008

While most of the world had its eyes on Beijing and the Olympics this past week, DC's intrepid reporters Butane, Syxx, Foy, UC, and yours truly have been scouring the globe for genre news and views to send your way. Although I'm not following the Games much myself, I thought for this August 9-15, 2008, Weekly Wrap-Up, I'd join the fray and employ an international theme focusing on projects outside the good ol' US of A.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 2-8, 2008

August 2-8, 2008, turned out to be a rather slow week news-wise. But what it lacked in quantity, it definitely made up in quality. Smart hot chicks and a fresh look at some old favorites dominated the headlines.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 26-August 1, 2008

When the week of July 26-August 1, 2008, began, San Diego Comic-Con was entering the final stretch and the Dread Central crew covering it were hitting their stride.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 19-25, 2008

During the week of July 19-25, 2008, everyone was pretty much consumed by all things San Diego Comic-Con related. At the same time, I've been keeping an eagle eye out for choice tidbits not connected to SDCC 08, and here are a few of them:

The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 12-18, 2008

From July 12-18, 2008, these are a few stories that might have escaped your notice or slipped your mind what with the hoopla over finally getting a peek at the new Jason and the challenge of keeping up with all the latest Fantasia goings-on:

The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 5-11, 2008

So, Dread's two-year anniversary got me to thinking ...

Six Things That --Still-- Drive Me Psycho!

During my stay at my previous gig I published the following editorial. It was deemed too controversial by the powers that be and as a result was taken down. Recently I came across it again, and despite the passing of time, it's still every bit as relevant as it was back then. I've updated it a bit and decided to give it a proper home. Sit back, kids, and let's revisit some troubled waters. Enjoy!

51 Worst Horror Movie Cliches

If spending a lifetime watching horror films has taught us anything, it's the basic tools for survival that would apply to just about any kind of hellish situation. The only problem is the writers of our favorite flicks see fit to just have characters fall into the same kinds of pitfalls over and over. You know them well, but just in case Dread Central is proud(?) to present the ...

7 Deadly Sinns: Bad Done Right

Nothing beats a well done bad guy. Evil wrongdoers have the potential of being some of the most effective and memorable characters in film. A truly worthy and ill-intentioned presence has an almost preternatural ability to change the very air pressure in a room; temperatures are higher, or colder, and things that should be familiar may seem out of place and not quite right.