Editorial: Sympathy for the Devils - Horror Characters I Felt Sorry For

We’re a funny bunch, us horror fans. Of all the emotions we experience watching our beloved freak shows, sadness usually ain’t one of ‘em. It’s hard to want to hug someone when they’re spitting up stage blood all over your screen, but every so often genuine empathy can be aroused in our hardened hearts for certain cinematic victims.

And Now a Message from Tim Sullivan

Around here at Dread Central there are few filmmakers we love more than the ever so outspoken and off the rails main maniac himself, Tim Sullivan.

Hatchet II, Unrated Horror, and YOUR CHANCE to CHANGE the Rules

We've all been there. Come with me back to 1988. Sitting in a darkened theatre waiting for Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood to begin. There was lots of butchering that went on in this film, but it wasn't Jason doing it. Fast forward to Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Throats get slit but don't bleed. Heads get knocked off dry and clean. Was it Mr.

How You Can Help a Member of the Horror Community

Here at Dread Central we know that the horror community has a great big, bloody heart. So when we hear about a worthy cause, we like to let you know about it, too. Read on for more info on "The Boom Effect".

Dread Central's Best & Worst of 2009

2009. It was pretty much as crappy a year for horror movies as it was for the economy. There were, however, some really high points to help balance out all the drivel that was put out there in theatres as well as on home video, and they are to be celebrated, even though technically a couple of them are not even from this year.

Dread Central's Best Horror Films of the Decade

What a decade. Talk about an insane ten years. In it we've seen sequels top originals, remakes up the ante, and a precious few bits of original content do what all quality cinema does -- become instant classics. Join us now for a look back at the decade that was 2000-2009!

Happy New Year 2010

With 2009 winding up its final hours, we'd like to take a moment to say GOOD RIDDANCE! This year has taken from us some of our beloved stars, beloved idols, beloved friends, and beloved income and has generally sucked for the most part. To it we fondly give the finger and shout with as primal a scream as possible -- WELCOME 2010!

Dawn of the Geeks: GeekWeek Rises

Horror, horror, horror. That's our bread and butter here at Dread Central and we LOVE IT, but there are other facets of geekdom out there that we as horror fans also enjoy. Music. Video Games. Wrestling. Basically anything fun. What can I say? We know how to party! A new website has opened its doors with that in mind, and it's looking to be a pretty badass resource.

The Foywonder's Ten Worst Horror Films of the Decade

The first decade of the new millennium has come to an end, and that means it is now time for film sites all over the web to begin posting their various retrospectives and lists recalling the decade that was. I generally as a rule dislike such lists because they are always so subjective.

Uncle Creepy's Blu Christmas Buyer's Guide 2009

NOTE: ONCE AGAIN THIS WILL BE POSTED AT THE TOP OF OUR HEADLINES THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND! HAPPY SHOPPING! With the holiday shopping season officially upon us, I figured it might be a good idea to start making some recommendations for the lucky horror-loving folks on your lists!

The Reel Paranormal (Truth is Stranger Than Paranormal)

From the vampire and werewolf clashes of The Twilight Saga to the disturbing events of Paranormal Activity, there appears to be no end in sight for the overwhelming popularity of stories in film and television that deal with the paranormal and supernatural.

John Cooper of Skillet Shares His Top Ten Monsters

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, rock band Skillet recently released their seventh studio album, entitled Awake, which features the single "Monster". Skillet is currently on tour, but lead singer John Cooper took some time out to write a Top Ten list of his favorite monsters, both in the movies and real life, and has offered to share it exclusively with Dread Central's readers.

Uncle Bob Martin: A Long Thank-You to Frank, Part One

The first that I heard of Frank Henenlotter was on a perfectly awful cable tv show that aired on Manhattan's Public Access channel in the 1970s.

Pat Seals of Flyleaf Shares His Top Ten Horror Films

As we've mentioned previously, November 10th is the release date of the band Flyleaf's new CD, entitled Memento Mori, and to help celebrate the occasion, their bass player, Pat Seals, has taken time out of his hectic schedule to prepare for Dread Central readers a list of his Top Ten favorite horror films.

Editorial: Paranormal Activity Shadows The Blair Witch

When filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez wrote and directed The Blair Witch Project, which debuted in theaters ten years ago this past summer, they ushered in a sub-genre of filmmaking that was part reliant on the power of suggestion, part pre-reality TV, and part old-fashioned exploitation fright film.