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CONTEST CLOSED! Win Some Cool Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Swag and MUCH More!

In honor of the upcoming theatrical release of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here) on September 30th, we have a prize package for you to die for!

Animated New Tucker & Dale vs. Evil One-Sheet

Can't get enough Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here)? Yeah, we can't either. The flick is just incredibly badass, and now there's a new one-sheet that equals its inherent badassery!

Chainsaw Swinging Fun in New Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Clip

As we continue to drown in video content today, we have yet another bit of eye candy that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Not that you shouldn't be smiling already. It is Friday after all.

Tucker & Dale vs. DVD and Blu-ray in November

This weekend needless remakes of Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night are struggling to attract an audience. Meanwhile, a crowd-pleasing original movie like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has endured a long, arduous journey just to secure any release at all.

New Stills from Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Show Off Some Skin

Magnolia sent over some new assets for its upcoming release of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, including a batch of stills that show off the ... um ... assets of a few of the females in the film. Read on and help us keep celebrating that Tucker & Dale vs. Evil will be available On Demand everywhere August 26th, 2011, and in limited theaters on September 30th, 2011!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Green Band Trailer Debut

Just knowing that Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is officially on its way has everyone in the Dread Central offices grinning from ear-to-ear. To help you prep, the green band trailer is here! Dig it! Remember: ELI CRAIG'S TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL WILL BE AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND EVERYWHERE AUGUST 26th, 2011, AND IN LIMITED THEATERS ON SEPTEMBER 30th, 2011! Ah, that still feels good.

A Bloody Good Look at Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil made a true splash at San Diego Comic-Con last week, yielding one of the biggest parties of the event and more! Some special red-band footage from the flick has made its way online, and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Eli Craig Talks Possible 'Tucker & Dale' Sequel and Next Potential Project

We've been talking about Tucker and Dale vs Evil like crazy for quite some time, and with good reason- it's an awesome movie. We were even graced by the presence of stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine at our Comic-con party with Magnet Releasing.

U.S. and Canadian One-Sheets Debut: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

There's nothing, repeat, nothing making us happier right now than to know that the incredible horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is well on its way from Magnet. To celebrate the flick's coming, we have the new American one-sheet for you to dig on! Note the following usage of the caps lock key to fully illustrate how incredibly excited we are ...

Steady Yourselves! Tucker and Dale vs. Evil *Gasp* Gets a Release Date!

Part of me still doesn't believe it. Around a week or so ago we announced that the incredible horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil was picked up for distro by Magnolia and now? We actually have release news for you! Allow us a moment to indulge ourselves by engaging the CAPS LOCK key ...

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil FINALLY Finds a Home

You know what we want to do right now? Pack up shop, head over to Magnolia's offices and kiss every single person that we see. Of course we'd end up in jail, but that's the kind of love we have for them right now!

Sundance '10: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - Exclusive Clip and Stills

Knittop Pictures and Eden Rock Media, the kind folks behind Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which is premiering next week at Sundance '10, have provided us with an exclusive clip from the film entitled "Stung by Bees" and two new stills as well.