Ed Speleers

An Inside Look, Interview, and Clip from the UK's Love Bite

It's been awhile since last we had anything to talk about regarding the new werewolf comedy coming out from across the pond Love Bite, but what do you know? We now have a clip, an interview, and a peek at the film's FX for ya! Dig it!

Love Bite - First Behind-the-Scenes Imagery and Sneak Peek!

Ready for some behind-the-scenes eye candy featuring "Gossip Girl"'s Jessica Szohr on the set of her new werewolf flick Love Bite? Then you're in for a revealing little treat as we have images and a video sneak peek on tap for you right here!

Get Your Medieval On With Syfy's Witchville

With costumes unquestionably inspired by Dragon Age and Kung Fu action racing along at the speed of Chronicles of Narnia, Syfy's latest, "Witchville", is coming to set your Saturday night to a light smolder this May 22nd. Director Pearry Teo allegedly poured his heart and soul into the project so as always, I hold out hope that I'm wrong, but this new clip posted by the denizens of Syfytopia hasn't convinced me this is anything more than ... well ... more of the same for Syfy.