Eagle Egilsson

Look Ahead to April 26th with Stills from The Secret Circle Episode 1.20 - Traitor

If you've been watching "The Secret Circle", you know the circle has a traitor in its midst. Maybe this batch of stills from Episode 1.20, "Traitor", will reveal a clue of his/her identity.

Producer Previews of Tonight's Episodes of The Vampire Diaries (The Ties That Bind) and The Secret Circle (Witness)

Ready for this week's producer previews for The CW's popular "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle"? First up are Julie Plec and Caroline Dries discussing Elena's anger, Stefan's coffins, and Bonnie's journey in "TVD" Episode 3.12, "The Ties That Bind", followed by Andrew Miller giving us a look into Cassie's relationships with the guys in her life in "TSC" Episode 1.12, "Witness".

A Clip from The Secret Circle Episode 1.12 - Witness

We're looking forward to tonight's episode of "The Secret Circle", entitled "Witness", since it's bringing us closer to learning what happened 16 years ago, when the kids on the show each lost one or both of their parents, and here's a clip from the ep featuring Jake's new idea to help Cassie investigate her father's death.

Witness this Teaser Video for The Secret Circle Episode 1.12

We've been less than enthusiastic about "The Secret Circle" since its return from holiday hiatus; stilted dialogue and over-the-top performances are overshadowing the proceedings, and they're trying a little too hard to be "dark". But the grownups of Chance Harbor (Henstridge, Harrington, and Howard) look to figure prominently in next week's Episode 1.12, "Witness", so we have high hopes for improvement.

The Secret Circle: A Clip from Episode 1.11 - Fire/Ice and an Image Gallery for Episode 1.12 - Witness

We have a boatload of treats for fans of "The Secret Circle" today in the form of a preview clip from the upcoming Episode 1.11, "Fire/Ice", which airs on January 12th, and close to a dozen images from next week's Episode 1.12, "Witness", which follows on January 19th and sees the return of Chris Zylka as Jake.