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Dante's Inferno: Descend Into the 2nd Circle of Hell

Several months have passed since we got the first look at EA Games' upcoming Dante's Inferno, but good things come to those who wait. The time has come to discover the Second Circle of Hell, where those who are overcome by Lust are punished.

Dead Space: Extraction Gameplay Video

A new video showing off some of the gameplay and exclusive features of Dead Space: Extraction for the Nintendo Wii has surfaced online, and it's enough to excite even the most jaded of mutant killers out there! Check it out below, and look for the game in stores on September 29, 2009!

E3: New Dead Space: Extraction Trailer

A new trailer for EA Games' exclusive to the Nintendo Wii entry in the Dead Space franchise, Dead Space: Extraction, has come roaring online with all manner of interstellar horrors waiting to be discovered!

EA Games' E3 Horrors

If EA Games have taught gamers anything it's that "it's in the game." For horror fans said it is recognized as demons, creatures, blood, gore, and terror. So what does the house that Madden built have in store for genre lovers in the coming months? Let's take a look at a sampling of their E3 line-up!

Dead Space: Extraction Gameplay Screens

Ah, Dead Space. How we love thee. As we told you a few weeks back, this blood-spattered space-shooter is getting its very own entry on the Nintendo Wii as a House of the Dead style rail-shooter. Seriously? What a perfect idea! So, what kind of mayhem can gamers expect? One look at these in-game images speaks volumes.

Animated Dante's Inferno on the Way

Following the multimedia model that made Dead Space such a success, Electronics Arts has once again joined with Starz and Anchor Bay to distribute an animated feature based upon the upcoming video game Dante's Inferno.

Universal Taps Dan Harris for Dante's Inferno

It was late last year when we first learned that Universal had nabbed the rights to the upcoming Electronics Arts video game version of Dante's Inferno. And now word has come down via Variety that the person who will be writing the live-action film is Dan Harris (X2, Superman Returns).

EA Announces Alice Game Sequel

Now here’s some news I didn’t expect to stumble upon any time soon: EA Games has announced that development has officialy begun on a sequel to American McGee’s Alice, the 2000 game that put players in the shoes of Alice, all grown up and fighting to defend an even more twisted version of Wonderland.

See the Dead Space Extraction Trailer

I'm feeling pretty lucky right now that my household just added a Wii to our gaming console set-up. EA Games released the teaser trailer today for Dead Space Extraction, an all-new prequel chapter in the Dead Space universe exclusively for the Wii.

Left 4 Dead DLC Officially Announced

It's no secret my favorite game of the past year is without question Left 4 Dead. Lots of folks have been complaining that it was on the short side of the fence, but to me? Killing zombies never gets old. Still, for the complainers out there Valve is set to deliver.

First Look at Dante's Inferno

Not too long ago we made mention of Universal scooping up the film rights for the upcoming EA Games offering, Dante’s Inferno. Well, at Spike’s Video Game Awards the game was confirmed and Spike got their hands on an exclusive trailer for it, which you can now check out below!

Left 4 Dead (Video Game)

Reviewed by Francis Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed here) and PC Distributed by Valve Software and EA Games

More Footage from Left 4 Dead

More video has surfaced from the video game that I can honestly say is my most anticipated of the year, Left 4 Dead. This is the game zombie fans have been waiting for, and if you have any doubts just spend a few minutes playing the demo that's available right now!

Check Out the First 15 Minutes of Left 4 Dead!

For a lucky few of you, tomorrow is a good day to be dead; that’s when Valve releases their public demo of Left 4 Dead, their new co-op zombie game which hits stores November 17th. To celebrate, Valve has release the first 15 minutes of gameplay, which you can feast upon below!

Dante's Inferno to Universal

Not much is known about the upcoming game from EA that may or may not be called Dante’s Inferno when it hits the game market next year, but Universal has outbid three other studios to make sure they’ve got their hands on the movie rights for it so it’s got to be something pretty special.