Dynamite Entertainment

Comic Based on NBC's Grimm Coming in May from Dynamite Entertainment

Are you a fan of NBC's "Grimm"? Then you'll went to check out this new comic based on the show. Issue #1 has a cover by Alex Ross and story by series creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. Check out Ross' artwork and the variant photo cover along with a synopsis right here.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Watch the Premiere of The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

By Saturday night at Comic-Con, most people are just looking for a place to sit down, and we have word on where you can do so...and catch the premiere of The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse, a new animated film based on the comic book from Dynamite Entertainment.

New Army of Darkness Comic Coming in February from Dynamite

Not so sure you're on board with the new Evil Dead film heading our way? Then how about sticking with comics based on the series? A new chapter of Army of Darkness is on its way this February 22nd from Dynamite Entertainment, and we have all the details right here!

Artwork and Synopses of Dark Shadows Issues 1-3 from Dynamite Entertainment

Don't want to wait for Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows adaptation to hit theatres next May? Then check out these new Dark Shadows comics being released this winter by Dynamite Entertainment. We have artwork and the synopses of the first three issues, hitting comic books stores and digital outlets on November 2nd, November 23rd, and December 14th. They sure sound like perfect stocking stuffers to us!

The Danger Girls Team Up With Ash in New Comic Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness

On April 27th Dynamic Forces, the comic book and collectible industry's top producer of limited-edition comic books, lithographs, and more, will release the new horror comic Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness in the first epic cross-over between Dynamite Entertainment and IDW Publishing. Synopsis:

Vampire Huntress: From Best Selling Book Series to Comic Series

The saga of Vampire Huntress Neteru aka Damali Richards came to an end in 2009 after a successful 12 book series by L.A. Banks, and now her adventures will continue on, this time in the form of a new comic series that hits shelves on July 28th.

Dynamite Entertainment to Release Complete Dracula

Dynamite Entertainment has released initial images for a graphic novel based upon Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of their main publishing projects for 2009. Dubbed The Complete Dracula, the release purports that that this graphic novel is an adaptation of the original work and not the modified version that most of us are familiar with.