Dying Light

Dying Light's New Trailer Will Kick Your Ass!

Axe to the head, axe to the body, axe to the neck, and a flaming axe to the back of the head. Zombies die in droves in the new Dying Light trailer, released days ahead of Gamescom. Aside from being exceptionally brutal, the trailer shows off a few of the game’s elements, most of all that it looks like a blood-soaked thrill ride on a roller coaster of zombie viscera.

Dying Light Gets New Trailer and Tentative Release Date

Wrenches and scissors and handguns? Oh my! Techland and WB Games have announced their upcoming presence at this year’s E3 with authority by giving us a brand new trailer for the upcoming zombie game Dying Light.

Dying Light to Shine in 2015

Bittersweet news is coming in for those of us who're looking forward to the upcoming game Dying Light, which was scheduled to come out this year. The powers-that-be have decided this bad boy needs a bit more time in the oven. Read on for details.

Can Humanity Survive the Latest Dying Light Video?

The latest video for the upcoming game Dying Light has arrived, and it finds humanity at the brink of extinction at the hands of zombies... but have you ever wondered just who the zombies were before they turned? Check it out!

New Dying Light Video Will Have You Fearing the Night

Nighttime and zombies. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Seriously, it's a perfect combination, and as you'll see in this latest video for the upcoming game Dying Light, it can also prove to be a deadly one.

Dying Light Tech Demo Shows Off New Areas and a New Lighting System

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have sent over a deeper look at the technology behind their Dying Light video game. Check out this new tech demo video that shows off the game's new lighting system and more!

Happy Halloween from Dying Light

To celebrate this special day, the Dying Light team at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Techland sent over a couple of treats for us to share with our readers so read on for a look at two new Halloween-themed screens from this brutal and tense zombie action survival game. It's no trick, we swear!

Dying Light's Be the Zombie Game Mode to Be Made Available Exclusively for Early Purchasers

Ever wondered what it's like to be a zombie? If you're a gamer who plans to pre-order Dying Light, now's your chance as Warner Bros. Interactive has announced a "Be the Zombie" mode will be included in the game for those who reserve it early.

Official Dying Light Artwork Premiere Shambles into Sight

Techland just sent over some pretty nifty key art for their upcoming survival horror game Dying Light, and we certainly approve! The next generation of gaming cannot get here quickly enough. Check it out!

11 Minutes of Gameplay Footage from Dying Light Rises from the Grave

Techland just sent over a whopping 11 minutes of gameplay footage from their upcoming survival horror game Dying Light, and we've been drooling since frame 1. Check it out and start counting the days until its release sometime in 2014.

E3 2013: Dying Light Demo Impressions

While at the 2013 E3 I hit a demo for Techland's upcoming survival horror game Dying Light. Due to the over-saturation and decline of quality in the zombie game genre, admittedly I was a little gun-shy walking into the private demo and fully expected to either yawn or roll my eyes in disdain.

It's Good Night, Good Luck in This New Trailer for Dying Light

With E3 bearing down on us, video game companies are all vying for our attention, and one that definitely grabbed ours is Techland, who just released the first trailer for Dying Light.

Dying Light Will Have You Trying to Survive a Night of Pure Horror

How would you like to play a new horror game that is a cross between Dead Island and Mirror's Edge? Warner Bros. and Techland have announced a new survival horror game entitled Dying Light that is coming to consoles and PC.