DVD News

Uwe Boll's Rampage: Capital Punishment Locked and Loaded for Home Video Release

Back in 2009 Uwe Boll released the violent mass-murder film Rampage, which is really the only movie he's put out that wasn't universally hated by nearly every single human being on the planet. Naturally, it didn't take long for him to set his sights on a sequel...

Exclusive Clip Found in The Jungle

The release of Andrew Traucki’s (The Reef, Black Water) next tale of terror, The Jungle, is on the horizon; and right now we have an exclusive clip for you cats! Look for the film on DVD via Entertainment One on June 24th.

UK Sheds Some Varsity Blood This August

Jocks, cheerleaders and an axe-wielding killer mascot. What's not to like? Image Entertainment obviously feel the same way as they'll be releasing Jake Helgren's slasher flick Varsity Blood to DVD across the UK on August 11. Check out the trailer right here!

NSFW UK Trailer for Cannibal Offers Another Morsel to Chew

Just recently we gave you news of the US release of Manuel Martin Cuenca's acclaimed Cannibal, and now we can also confirm that StudioCanal have it pegged for a UK DVD and digital download release on June 23. Have a taste of the UK-centric trailer, and don't forget to wipe your mouth, you uncouth beast!

Stare into the Oculus at Home This August

Mike Flanagan's polarizing horror movie Oculus (review) is getting set to make its DVD and Blu-ray debut this August, and we have your details right here. Dig in!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Gets a UK Release Date

Here in the UK we're often forced to wonder if we'll be getting some of the super-cool packages that our friends across the pond can avail of. One such case is "The Walking Dead's" Season 4 "Tree Walker" box set that we showed you here. Well, fret not, brethren, for it is coming!

See the First 6 Minutes of Almost Human

Got a few minutes to kill this happy hump day? Well, get comfy because the first 6 minutes of IFC Midnight's release of Almost Human (review) have arrived online for your viewing pleasure. All you need now is a handful of popcorn! Dig it!

Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren Battle a Legendary Beast at Home!

Dolph Lundgren + Scott Adkins + Giant Beastie + Generic Artwork = Lionsgate's upcoming DVD release of Legendary. Look for it on DVD and VOD beginning on July 29th.

New Almost Human Poster Goes Retro

Remember the days when one of the only places you could go to see movie artwork was the black and white newspaper ads? The people behind IFC Midnight's latest acquisition, Almost Human (review), remember too and have released some cool retro artwork timed with the Blu-ray and DVD release! Dig it!

New Sanctuary DVD Is Quite a Conundrum

So yeah, the title of this movie is... well... Quite a Conundrum! Actually, it's Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum to be exact. What's all the fuss about? Should you see it? Will it be good? All these questions! We're so conflicted! Read on for details.

Exclusive Almost Human Clip Explores the Making of the Film

IFC Midnight's latest acquisition, Joe Begos' stellar new flick Almost Human (review), has arrived on Blu-ray and DVD; and we have a look at an exclusive clip from the special features of this must-see flick! Dig it!

Win a Copy of Enemy and a Jake Gyllenhaal-Signed One-Sheet

Jake Gyllenhaal plays dual roles in Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve's thriller Enemy (review), and he's also signed a one-sheet for YOU. Yes, YOU! Read on for how you can get your hands on all the freebies!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win The Monkey's Paw Blu-ray from Scream Factory

The mythical monkey's paw grants its possessor 3 wishes, and today, June 17, Scream Factory is granting 3 wishes to celebrate the release of The Monkey's Paw on Blu-ray/DVD. Well, not exactly, but Scream Factory is indeed giving away 3 copies of The Monkey's Paw on Blu-ray to 3 lucky Dread Central readers. Read on for the details.

The Dead 2 Shambles Home to Blu-ray and DVD

The Ford Brothers' eagerly awaited sequel to their film The Dead, entitled The Dead 2 (aka The Dead 2: India), is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay, and we have the artwork and details for ya cold and clammy!

Hulu Series Deadbeat Brings Paranormal Humor to Home Video

Earlier this year Hulu and Lionsgate partnered up for the ten-episode, half-hour series "Deadbeat," which stars Tucker and Dale vs. Evil's Tyler Labine. Today comes word that the supernatural comedy series is headed home, and we have all the details ready for your consumption. Read on!