DVD News

Specs and Art for Zombie's 3-Disc Halloween

In August of last year Uncle Creepy and myself sat in an empty theatre with our jaws hung open as we experienced Rob Zombie's Halloween (review). We had just been assaulted by the f-word and Loomis' crazy magical car summoning abilities and hoped to never talk about it again.

DVD Releases: Wizard of Box Sets

A boatload of movies hit on a very few DVDs this Tuesday, August 19th, 2008. See what I mean below! 6 Films to Keep You Awake (2008) Directed by Various

Trailer Park of Terror DVD Art Revealed

If you didn't make it to Fantasia this year and missed out on the screening of Trailer Park of Terror (review), you're not going to have to wait too long to be able to see it in the comfort and security of your home ... or trailer.

Final Pumpkinhead DVD Art

MGM has had two versions of the DVD art for Pumpkinhead: 20th Anniversary Edition out there for a while now, neither of which were what one would call ideal.

DVD Releases: Short but Sweet

A very small selection of horror DVDs will be out this Tuesday, August 12th but as you should all know; it’s not the size but what you do with it!

Complete Limits, More Gallery on DVD

Loyal reader Sam Hell dropped us a line this weekend, pointing us to some very cool DVD news for fans of old-school anthology horror shows.

Strangers DVD Art & Specs

Though I found it dull and derivative, most people out there dug on The Strangers (review) and are probably curious what makes the DVD cut “unrated”. Personally, if it’s not a 20-minute Liv Tyler shower scene, I’m not interested. Considering the “unrated’ cut is only two minutes longer, I doubt we’ll be seeing that.

Exclusive: Paramount Planning NEW Friday the 13th Box Set!

Our man Andrew Kasch just called in with some very good news for you Friday the 13th freaks out there...

Return to Sleepaway Camp Trailer, Art

Is it wrong that I actually found this trailer to be somewhat entertaining? It’s the trailer for Return to Sleepaway Camp, which you may recall is finally seeing a DVD release thanks to Magnet, and while it’s pretty annoying at first, it almost redeems itself in the end.

Joy Ride 2 Art & Specs

Fox Home Entertainment has finally released the art and specs for Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, their direct to DVD sequel to the better-than-it-shoulda-been Joy Ride, which comes home on October 7th. The disc will come complete with the following goodies: Joy Ride 2: The Making of Dead Ahead “Blood & Gus: The Make-up of Horror”

DVD Release Highlights: Big Crocs & Bigger Bugs!

Sorry, didn't have time to get to all of them, but here are the DVD highlights for Tuesday, August 5th, 2008...

Happy & Colorful Pulse 2 Clip!

After Comic-Con we know what's on every horror fan's mind: When will we see more from the Pulse franchise?!

Anaconda 3: The Hoff-Spring DVD News

Did you miss the Sci-Fi Channel premiere of Anaconda 3 (review) starring David Hasselhoff this weekend? Good news: the DVD is already scheduled for an October 21st release. Or you could just watch the movie when it replays on Sci-Fi September 21st. I think Sony Home Entertainment would prefer you wait for their DVD.

Anchor Bay Celebrates 30 Years of Halloween in Style!

I know what you may be thinking -- "Oh no. Another trip to the old DVD well. What can possibly be different about this release?" Guys, this is Anchor Bay we're talking about! They always have something cool up their sleeves! Behold below the Halloween 30th Anniversary Commemorative Set, complete with Myers Mask!

Never Cry Werewolf Cover Art Revealed!

Genius Products just sent over a look at the DVD cover art for its upcoming release of Never Cry Werewolf, which stars Kevin Sorbo and up-and-coming actress Nina Dobrev and will be available online and in stores September 16, 2008.