DVD News

New Friday DVD / Blu-ray Re-issue News

Paramount Home Entertainment today released the specs for the upcoming re-releases of their Friday the 13th films. What made it? What didn't? What's coming? Find out inside!

Infected DVD Art

Genius products announced today that there's a bit of movie monster mayhem heading to DVD on May 19 in the form of the new sci-fi thriller Infected, and we have a peek at the kind of cool cover art for ya!

DVD Releases: April 14, 2009: Fear the Repossessed Splinter in the Forest of Death

It looks like a pretty good week overall. Mixed in with some fears from the Forest of Death are a Band from Hell (always a fun time), "The Lost Collection" from Lionsgate, a Playboy anthology flick, and the pick of the week - Splinter!

Nakata's Kaidan DVD Coming June 30th

It must be Hideo Nakata Day! First we got news of free tickets to screenings of his Death Note: L, Change the World, and now comes word from UpcomingHorrorMovies.com that his 2007 film Kaidan is set to hit DVD on June 30, 2009.

The Cell 2 DVD and Blu-ray Art

Finally a good look at the artwork for New Line's upcoming The Cell 2 has popped up courtesy of the good folks at DVD Active, and we have to admit given that the first film was so very visual, we're pretty underwhelmed.

True Blood Art and Specs

Finally the HBO original series "True Blood" is coming home so fans can spend some extra time with Sookie and the gang whenever they want. What goodies can you expect? Time to dish the dirt.

DVD Releases: April 7, 2009: Take a Shuttle to the House of Donkey Punches

With titles ranging from Donkey Punch to House to Shuttle to Vinyan, with a whole lot of strange in-between, there's definitely something for everyone again this week!

TV Spot for Robert Hall's Laid to Rest

The final TV spot for Robert Hall's splatterific slasher film Laid to Rest debuted online, and being that we simply cannot wait for you guys to sink your teeth into the gory goodness, we have a look at it for ya!

DVD Releases: March 31, 2009: Will the Timecrimes of Horrorfest III Give You Goosebumps?

It's a bumper crop of DVDs hitting store shelves this week, including the latest group of After Dark's "8 Films to Die For".

Magnet to Let the RIGHT Subs In

Who says horror fans can't get stuff done?

DVD Releases: March 24, 2009: A Green River Full of Locusts & Snakeheads

We've had some lean DVD offerings in the past, but this week could take the cake for the most paltry. On March 24th, 2009, you can choose among a Czech double-feature, two Sci-Fi Channel (before they were Syfy) originals, the saga of a Japanese serial killer who happens to be handicapped, and an obscure indie that sounds like the best of the bunch.

Children of the Corn Blu-ray Art and Specs

He who walks behind the rows will soon be doing so in high definition! Get ready for the date, art, and the specs for the film that started an incomprehensibly long wave of bad sequels!

Halo-8 to Deliver Pop Skull

And Halo-8 continues its quest to bring fans some truly unique genre programming. This time it's director Adam Wingard's slice of mind altering horror known as Pop Skull.

Anchor Bay Has a Double Chin

The good folks at Anchor Bay dropped by the artwork and specs for their upcoming Bruce Campbell Double Feature, which includes The Man With the Screaming Brain and Alien Apocalypse. I know ... you're too excited for words!

Underworld Trilogy Box Art

With the May 12th home video release date of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans just around the corner, Sony Pictures has decided to give fans a few options on the release date.