DVD News

Dread Central & Home Media Magazine Announce Second Annual Reaper Awards!

We had such a good time at last year's first-ever Reaper Awards that Dread Central and Home Media Magazine have decided to do it again this October! Read on for the full details. From the Press Release:

Trailer Two for The Psycho Legacy Slashes its Way Online

Come this October Shout! Factory is going to give us another reason to scream as it releases filmmaker Robert Galluzzo's definitive documentary about the Psycho franchise - The Psycho Legacy. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have a second trailer ready to win not only your mother's heart but the rest of her corpse as well.

Blu-ray and DVD Art: Adam Green's Frozen

Just days after laying the official DVD and Blu-ray specs down for you guys, we now have the cover art for Adam Green's chilling entry into the survival horror sub-genre, Frozen.

Extended Version of In the Name of the King Sieging UK DVD

Oh, you lucky Brits. Sure the World Cup didn't turn out well for your nation, but here's a consolation prize that more than makes up for it: the extended 155-minute director's cut of Uwe Boll's epic In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is coming to DVD shelves in the UK next week.

Dreamy New Clip from Anchor Bay's After.Life

With its August 3rd release date just around the corner, we got our claws into a brand new clip from Anchor Bay's forthcoming release of After.Life. Dig it!

A Boatload of Clips: Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World

It's been a while since a lot of us have seen Galaxy of Terror or Forbidden World, and now that Shout! Factory is doling out the goods as part of its Roger Corman Collection, we've gotten our hands on some clips. Lots and lots of clips!

E1 Entertainment Officially Announces Their Need to Suck and Gives Us New Stills

We told you about it a couple of weeks ago, but now E1 Entertainment has made it official! They will be bringing home Rob Stefaniuk's new rocker heavy vampire comedy Suck to Blu-ray and DVD this fall!

Shout! Factory Bringing Home the Slumber Party Massacre Collection!

Oh, Shout! Factory. I just want to kiss you on your heads. On October 5th, 2010, as part of their Roger Corman's Cult Classics collection, all three Slumber Party Massacre films will be hitting DVD in grand fashion!

UK Fed to the Meat Grinder this August

Fans of ultra-violent Asian cinema have a new date to mark on their calendars, as the Thai gorefest Meat Grinder hits DVD in the UK next month courtesy of 4Digital Media.

The UK Suffers a Blackout on DVD

If you love monster movies anywhere near as much as I do, then keep your eyes peeled for the UK DVD release of Robert David Sanders’ nocturnal beast-fest The Blackout; arriving August 30th from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.

First DVD News: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

The DVD release date for Werner Herzog's latest film, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, has finally been handed down; and you can expect to see this jarring little film hit DVD on September 14th from First Look Studios!

Exclusive Early Word on Frozen DVD and Blu-Ray Specs

As reported earlier this week, Adam Green's survival horror flick Frozen (review here) is hitting the home video market via Anchor Bay on September 28th, and this morning we learned what special features we can expect on the DVD and Blu-ray discs. It's an avalanche!

Code Red Returning to Horror High and Terminal Island

The great folks at Code Red DVD are at it once again digging up hard-to-find blasts from the past to give the digital treatment to. Two of the latest drive-in favorites getting the special edition treatment via Code Red are the el cheapo 1974 cult fave Horror High (AKA Twisted Brain) and the 1973 survival thriller Terminal Island.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days Home Video Specs and Release Date

And the October home video releases keep coming. Next up: Sony’s 30 Days of Night: Dark Days directed by Ben Ketai, which is hitting DVD and a Blu-ray + DVD combo pack on October 5th.

Psychomania Special Edition DVD Coming this October

Nothing says the Seventies quite like undead bikers terrorizing a small town, and if you've never seen the 1973 classic UK film Psychomania, then you're in luck as come October Severin Films will be releasing a special edition DVD of the flick directed by Don Sharp.