DVD News

Exclusive Clip - MTV's Savage County

MTV's psycho TV tale Savage County has officially hit DVD today, and to prep you for the killer festivities, we've dug in our knives and carved out an exclusive clip for you blood-hungry folks!

Exclusive: Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Talk Drive Angry

If you happened to miss Drive Angry 3D when it hit theaters this past February, now you’ll have an opportunity to right that wrong as the explosive flick is finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray shelves on Tuesday, May 31st.

Jason Statham to Blitz a Killer on UK Home Video

Believe it or not, we've been talking about the Jason Statham serial killer flick Blitz since 2009. Talk about leaving the bun in the oven, huh? In any event the movie is making its way to home video in the UK, and we've got the trailer and some artwork for you!

MGM Limited Edition Collection Titles for June 2011

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s manufacturing-on-demand program continues during the month of June with 29 films being released as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection. Unfortunately only one qualifies as real horror, but there's another that should appeal to genre fans so we're including some info on both for your perusal.

An Early Look at the Supernatural Season Six DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art

Regardless of what you thought of "Supernatural" being extended past its creator, Eric Kripke's, original five-years-and-out plan, you can't deny that Season Six ended on a high note. Or maybe you've been waiting for the home video release to catch up. In either event, here's an early peek at the cover art for said DVD/Blu-ray release. Dig it!

Image Entertainment Checks Us into The Clinic This August

There was a time when the cover art or one-sheet alone for a movie was enough to make me see it. This is one of those times. In fact, this is one of the few times said artwork makes us a bit squirmy. Dig it! Below you'll find a trailer, plot crunch, and the DVD artwork from the upcoming Aussie horror flick The Clinic from director James Rabbitt.

Anchor Bay Unleashing a Super Hybrid in August

It's been a long two years since last we had anything at all to report on the killer car flick Hybrid, but it is back with a new title and Stateside distribution! Talk about all the amenities!

Anchor Bay Serving Up Terror Medium Raw

Movies about serial killers are a dime a dozen ... but movies about serial killers who are extra nasty and like to taunt authorities? Well, they can be really fun! Case in point - Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf, which after many delays is finally hitting DVD. From the Press Release

Make a Date with BloodRayne: The Third Reich! Trailer, Stills, and More!

Yes, the movie you have been waiting for, BloodRayne: The Third Reich, is officially on its way to both DVD and Blu-ray high definition, and it will be here before you know it. According to Foy it's actually the very best of Uwe Boll's BloodRayne films, but we're not exactly sure that's saying much. From the Press Release

Insidious to Haunt Your House in July

The most profitable film of the year (horror or otherwise), James Wan's Insidious, is coming home soon on both Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got the very first details of what to expect along with a glimpse of the artwork.

Two Clips from The Roommate DVD/Blu-ray

As you may recall, The Roommate made its way to both DVD and Blu-ray this week, and in honor of the occasion Sony Pictures has provided two clips from the release - a deleted scene entitled "ID Check" and a minute and a half from the Obsession: The Making of The Roommate featurette.

Automat Pictures Announces SPINE TINGLER! The William Castle Story Special Edition DVD

Automat Pictures has announced a DVD Special Edition release of SPINE TINGLER! The William Castle Story, the multi-award winning “docu-tainment” directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, will be released on June 21. To celebrate this momentous release in epic William Castle fashion, the DVD will include over FIVE hours of bonus features that have never, ever been seen anywhere before!

Shout! Factory Takes Us on a Ride Through Damnation Alley to Oblivion

For the past couple of years the good folks over at Shout! Factory have been giving some of the genre's most obscure titles really stellar treatments that serve to blow the mind. The trend continues with their latest two releases slated for July, Damnation Alley and Oblivion! From the Press Release

Dinocroc vs. Supergator - Blu-ray / DVD Trailer Debut

The epic battle of Dinocroc vs. Supergator (review here) is crashing its way onto Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got the trailer for you to get your betting going! Whoever wins ... practical effects lose. Check it out! The Showdown Begins July 12th! From the Press Release

Attack of the Moon Zombies Attack DVD Next Week

Christopher R. Mihm probably never thought in 2006 when he set out to make an affectionate throwback to black & white monster movies of a bygone era that he'd develop his own homegrown cottage industry of retro-style b-movies. Next week will bring the DVD release of his sixth do-it-yourself homage: Attack of the Moon Zombies.