Drew Daywalt

Camera Obscura: The Game Winners Announced!

We've done a lot of cool things here at Dread Central over the years, but one that stands out among the crowd was our participation with filmmaker Drew Daywalt to bring his fantastic web series Camera Obscura to the masses. A few weeks ago we let you know about a mobile game version of the spooky property, and now we have even more coolness to drop on you!

The Birds of Anger Finally Descend!

The third and final entry from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) has arrived, and believe us when we tell you that Lynch and company have saved the best for last! Hide your pigs!

Syfy Conjures a New Leprecahn for St. Patrick’s Day

No, Syfy is not remaking Leprechaun; though I do fully expect to hear that news sooner rather than later. Leprecahn is a new Syfy original in the works that will see a murderous leprechaun reappear on St. Patrick’s Day to unleash a massacre in Cajun country.

This Kart Driver is High on Mushrooms and Ready to Kill!

The second of the three short films from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) has arrived, and it offers a truly insane take on one of the most beloved video game franchises ever! Check it out!

The Hunt is On for 8 Bits of Extreme Terror

The first of the three short films from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) that add a terrifying spin to the video game age of yesteryear is online and shooting down ducks with reckless abandon, and you can watch it right here, right now.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Camera Obscura iPod Touch on Dread Central and MWG

Remember the Camera Obscura web series from Drew Daywalt that we featured last October? Well, Camera Obscura is now available as a mobile game that you can download to your smart phones to go along with your Angry Birds.

Exclusive First Look at the Poster Art for G4's The Birds of Anger Short Film

A few days ago we told you about the three short films Joe Lynch is putting together for G4's Epictober celebration, each helmed by a different director. Now we're pleased to present the exclusive first look at the artwork for the Gregg Bishop-directed "The Birds of Anger", which closes out the mini film festival on October 26th.

Joe Lynch Overseeing Three Video Game/Horror Mash-up Short Films for G4TV.com

If there's anyone out there who fits the bill of overseeing a mini-film festival of three shorts blending video game premises with familiar tropes from people's favorite horror movies better than Joe Lynch, we can't think of who it might be. Which is why we're super-excited to share the news about his latest project for G4TV.com's Epictober celebration, which begins October 24th. Read on for the details!

Exclusive Interview: Tania Raymonde Talks MTV's Death Valley

Actress Tania Raymonde may be best known to millions worldwide as Alex Rousseau from ABC's series "Lost", but it's her latest television role that very well could define the next chapter of her career.

Camera Obscura Mobile Game Launches October 18th

Are you looking for that next killer app for your smartphone? Have you bashed every pig you could find in Angry Birds and need a new challenge? Well then, look no further because our friends at MWG Entertainment have you covered with the upcoming launch of the Camera Obscura mobile app.

Two New Clips from Death Valley

Fan of MTV's "Death Valley"? You should be! The show's a lot of fun, and even better it's home to a lot of gore. We like gore. It makes us smile. So do these latest clips.

Visit MTV's Death Valley Today! Review and Interviews!

In recent times MTV has tried its hand in the horror genre and come up with some winners. With titles like "Teen Wolf" and "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" Parts One and Two, it's pretty interesting to see how "Death Valley" will fare in comparison to the plethora of horror TV programming available now.

Death Valley (TV Premiere Episode)

Starring Brian Callen, Charlie Sanders, Bryce Johnson, Caity Lotz, Texas Battle, Tania Raymonde Directed by Eric Appel

More Zombie Bloodshed in Death Valley

MTV premiered a few more goodies for its upcoming horror comedy series "Death Valley" in the form of a new clip and some pretty ghastly stills. Dig on all the goodies right here.

New Death Valley Clip Smells Like Balls

We're just a few days away from the premiere of MTV's "Death Valley", and to get you geared up to support the long arm of the horror law, the network that used to play music has released a new clip!