DreamWorks Pushes Fright Night 3D UP!

Say what you will about the upcoming Friday Night remake (and now that it's been announced in 3D, I'll say fuck you) but the studio seems mighty confident in what has got to be one of the most prestigious rehashes in recent memory.

Is Kristen Stewart Meeting Someone in the Dark?

Not a lot of details are known, but apparently The Twilight Saga's Kristen Stewart is eying her next project - Someone in the Dark, a teen thriller to be directed by Carlos Brooks for DreamWorks.

First Look at David Tennant as Peter Vincent in Fright Night Remake

A couple of photos have surfaced of a promotional banner of actor David Tennant (best known to fans all over the globe as Dr. Who) portraying his Peter Vincent character in the upcoming Dreamworks remake of Fright Night. In the original Peter Vincent (portrayed by the iconic Roddy McDowell) was a fallen horror host who reluctantly helps a young Charley Brewster battle his neighbor Jerry Dandridge, who also happens to be a bloodthirsty vampire who torments the teen.

Melrose Place's Emily Montague Offers Neck to Fright Night Remake

Some more new blood is checking into Craig Gillespie's remake of the Tom Holland vampire classic Fright Night, and we wouldn't mind biting her ourselves!

Seth Rogen Enrolls in Boo U

Seth Rogen has spent nearly his entire career making us laugh at the movies, but he's never really crossed over into the horror genre. But now thanks to a new animated project the door has been opened a crack, and the comedian is stepping on in. At least somewhat.

Dave Franco Bullies His Way into Fright Night Remake

Every good movie needs an annoying character whom we love to hate. Whether it be to experience the joy of watching him get his just desserts or to giggle with glee as he meets a horrible demise, a character like this is nearly as important as our hero. Finally the remake of the Tom Holland vampire classic Fright Night has just such a character!

A Giant-Sized Monsterpocalypse Update for You to Chew On

It's been a while since last we spoke about Hollywood's bid to turn the board game Monsterpocalypse into a big budget movie with Tim Burton at the helm, but finally some news has flooded in.

Sandra Vergara Turns Tricks in Fright Night Remake

More casting news coming in for Craig Gillespie's 3D remake of the classic Tom Holland vampire opus, Fright Night. A bit more cheesecake is showing up to help Brewster and company fend off the biters!

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Fright Night Remake to be Rated R!

Some interesting news coming out of an interview with the man who will be playing Evil Ed in Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night, Christopher Mintz-Plasse -- turns out the flick is looking like it will be rated R.

In Albuquerque? Then You Can Get Bit for the Fright Night Remake!

In New Mexico and looking for your fifteen minutes of fame? Then why not try your hand at becoming a potential victim in Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night? We got the scoop on how you can make this happen!

Make a Date With Fright Night 3D

DreamWorks announced today a release date of October 7th, 2011 for Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night. How will his re-envisioning, which was penned by Marti Noxon and is coming at us in 3D, turn out? Let's just hope for this new Brewster's sake that it will be "so cool"!

More Fright Night Remake Casting News

Well today's slow news stream is finally picking up a bit of steam as some more casting news has come in for Craig Gillespie's upcoming remake of the Tom Holland vampire classic Fright Night.

Tim Burton and John August Reteam to Bring Us a Monsterpocalypse?

Hollywood has rifled through graphic novels, plundered through video games, and remade everything it could possibly think of. What's next? BOARD GAMES! Roll the dice and get ready for the horror ... the horror!

Some Inspired Fright Night Casting: McLovin and Dr. Who Join the Fray

You know, the more we hear about the upcoming Fright Night remake, the less we're starting to mind it. If only because it's not seeming to try to out-vamp the Tom Holland classic. Giving it a Vegas setting and introducing some really out there casting choices have done a lot to further along our hopes that it'll all turn out okay, but today's casting news has officially piqued our interest.

More on the Fright Night Remake ... Location, Location, Location!

Some more tidbits coming to light today concerning the upcoming remake of the Tom Holland classic, including just where all of the vampiric action is set to take place.