Fright Night 3D: Inside the Editing Bay

Tom Holland’s Fright Night is not only a modern horror classic, it’s a movie that this writer holds near and dear to her heart. A film I’ve probably seen well over 1,000 times in my lifetime and could list by memory every cast and crew member and quote every line of dialogue until I’m blue in the face.

Things Heat Up in New Fright Night Images

Two more images have been released from Craig Gillespie's upcoming 3D remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night, including the first good shot of David Tennant as not your father's Peter Vincent. Look for Fright Night in theatres on August 19th, 2011. Synopsis

Colin Farrell Puts the Bite On in Latest Fright Night Image

Finally a little vampire action has come our way in the latest still from Craig Gillespie's upcoming 3D remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night. Behold the dreaded hickey of doom! Look for Fright Night in theatres on August 19th, 2011. Synopsis

Two New Images from Craig Gillespie's 3D Fright Night Remake

Print media may be on its way out, but you can't declare it legally dead just yet, as evidenced by the appearance of two new stills from Craig Gillespie's upcoming 3D remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. This time around we get a glimpse Toni Collette along with the film's stars Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin.

Fright Night 3D - Three More Stills to Repel the Creatures of the Night

To go along with the trio of stills from yesterday, we've sunk our teeth into three more new photos from the upcoming 3D remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night! Dig on a much better look at Colin Farrell as lead vampire Jerry Dandridge, Anton Yelchin as Charlie Brewster, Imogen Poots, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the new "Evil" Ed.

First Look at Colin Farrell in Fright Night Remake and More!

That's right, kids. Strap yourselves in and cover up those necks for the first ever images from the upcoming remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night! Will Colin Farrell have the same potent bite as Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge? We'll be finding out soon enough.

Fright Night Remake Logo Very Familiar

The remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night has sent shivers down the spines of many horror fans old enough or smart enough to have seen the original in all of its glory. However, the makers of the remake seem to be on the right track in terms of paying homage to the source material, as evidenced by the new film's logo.

The Voices from the Dead Call to Houdini

Before today's illusionists made cars transform into tigers or sawed off limbs and sometimes torsos, the godfather of them all, the great Harry Houdini, was stunning audiences everywhere with his death defying stunts. A new flick is on its way that gives a nice little supernatural twist to Houdini's life and his ability to hear the Voices from the Dead.

Timecrimes Remake Heading to DreamWorks with a Rewrite by Steve Zaillian

Remember Nacho Vigalondo’s mindbending time travel film Timecrimes from a few years ago? Well, it been in the remake mill for a while now, and today we got an update in the form of a studio move and some info on who will be polishing the script.

Colin Farrell on Fright Night Remake

While doing press for latest film, The Way Back, Colin Farrell has also been fielding lots of questions as to his upcoming role of the vamp next door, Jerry Dandrige, in the remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night. So what's he have to say about the flick? It may just surprise you.

Colin Farrell Officially Offered a Chance to Experience Total Recall

A couple of weeks ago it was rumored that actor Colin Farrell was circling the lead role in a remake of the Schwarzenegger action vehicle Total Recall, and today it's been made official.

Spielberg Commits to DreamWorks' Robopocalypse!

Remember the Steven Spielberg who brought us Jaws? The same one who brought us Duel and Poltergeist? That's the filmmaker we love.

Colin Farrell to be Sent to Mars to Experience Total Recall?

Here's an odd bit of news that honestly seems a bit premature, but since we live in a world where everyone is trying to beat everyone else to the punch news-wise, here we go ...

Chris Sarandon in Fright Night Remake

Here at Dread Central we are very big fans of Chris Sarandon’s portrayal of Jerry Dandridge in Tom Holland’s original Fright Night, and while we wait to see how Colin Farrell delivers with his incarnation of the bloodsucker in Dreamworks’ re-imagining (due out August 19th, 2011 now instead of October 2011), it looks like Sarandon is supportive of passing the torch on to Farrell.

DreamWorks Unleashes Official Fright Night Synopsis

So how close will Craig Gillespie's remake of Fright Night mirror the much beloved original film? The official plot crunch should answer those questions and more for you!