Dream House

Dream House One-Sheet Looks to Touch Your Knob

Finally a pretty nifty one-sheet for Jim Sheridan's Dream House has made its way online, and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal along with a new summary! Dig it!

Dream House Unveils its Amenities

Well, that's a little misleading. There aren't any true amenities to be revealed here, but what we do have is the official synopsis for Universal's upcoming thriller, Dream House. Move on in for details.

Answer the Door for New Image from Dream House

Yet another image from Jim Sheridan's upcoming thriller Dream House has slipped online, and of course we have it for ya right here complete with inquisitive stares!

Take a Peek Inside Jim Sheridan's Dream House

It's been a long time coming, but finally the first image from Universal's long delayed Daniel Craig flick Dream House has slid its way online along with an official synopsis! Dig it!

Universal's Dream House Opening This Fall

Finally after news of re-shoots and delays because of some chick with a dragon tattoo, Universal has picked a date to open up Jim Sheridan's Dream House to the public. Look for the flick to hit theatres on September 30th, 2011.

That Damned Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Delays the Opening of Sheridan's Dream House

Anyone who's seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo knows that she's a handful, but now she's even causing trouble on the horror front! Or rather, I should say, her remake is.

Jim Sheridan's Dream House Remains Closed for Repair. Reshoots Ordered.

Sometimes a bun needs a little more time in the oven. We're totally cool with that, too, as long as it is extra tasty when it's served up for public consumption.

Release Date Shuffle: Black Swan, The Darkest Hour, and Dream House

Get out your calendars, kids! Three high profile horror flicks have switched dates, and it's time to keep you abreast of the changes. That's a great word, abreast. It sounds naughty but it's not. Sort of like Black Swan. Speaking of which ... Below you'll find new dates and descriptions for the following: Black Swan -- New Date: December 1st, 2010

Everwood's Gregory Smith Finds His Dream House

Another addition to the cast of Jim Sheridan's upcoming thriller Dream House has been made, and this one's coming to add a little punk rock flavor to the proceedings.

Rachel Fox to Bring Teen Angst to Jim Sheridan's Dream House

What would any dream house be without the constant blathering of a teenager? Peaceful, that's what, but in any event a youngster has joined the cast of Jim Sheridan's upcoming thriller Dream House for Universal.

Rachel Weisz Next to Move into Dream House

Yet another woman has moved into Jim Sheridan's Dream House joining the previously announced Naomi Watts. Could this lead to a cat fight? In a perfect world, my friends.

Naomi Watts Moves into Jim Sheridan's Dream House

For a structure to truly become a Dream House, it usually requires a woman's touch, and oh my, has Jim Sheridan found a woman for his!

Morgan Creek Signs Daniel Craig for Dream House

Almost two months to the day after negotiations first began between Morgan Creek and Daniel Craig for the latter to topline the production house's first new project in three years, the deal is done. Craig has signed on the dotted line and will appear in six-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan's Dream House.

Daniel Craig Moving into Dream House?

Just a couple of months ago we first reported that director Jim Sheridan was set to build a horrific Dream House for Morgan Creek. Today, it may have found its first occupant!

Jim Sheridan Builds a Dream House

What the hell is up with Connecticut lately? You don't hear anything about this beauty of a state for years, and now it's a horror hot spot! Well, at the very least the setting is, as director Jim Sheridan is set to build Morgan Creek's Dream House there.