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Watch the Full Comic-Con 2013 Masters of the Web Panel Featuring Heather Wixson of Dread Central!

At last month's San Diego Comic-Con, some of the biggest names in horror journalism assembled together for a special panel fittingly dubbed "Masters of the Web," including the folks behind genre sites like FEARnet, Bloody Disgusting, and Shock Till You Drop.

Dread Central Presents - The Box of Dread

Ever since Brad Pitt asked the famed question "What's in the box?" in Se7en, we've had an idea lurking in the back of our minds... What if boxes filled with unknown spooky merch could find its way to your doorstep every month? Hell yeah! What if, indeed!

Dread Central Turns 7!

It's hard to believe seven years have passed since Dread Central opened its doors on July 4th, 2006, declaring our independence from those who were holding us back, but alas... it is so. This past year has been stranger than most, but truth be told, that's how we like it.

TUNE IN TONIGHT! Dread Central Streaming Horror Filmmaking Panel LIVE from LA Film School

Hey, kids! Got nothing on your agenda for TONIGHT? Interested in what it takes to become a horror filmmaker? Then you may want to tune in to this special horror filmmaking panel streaming live from the LA Film School.

Dread Central Partners with BuddyTV to Help You out This Halloween!

Here at Dread Central we're always looking for ways for you cats to engage in watching some quality genre flicks. So today we are proud to announce our partnership with BuddyTV to help you find where to watch some of our favorite Halloween movies on TV and online.

Dread Central Opens Up Online Halloween Store with SUPER Discounts!

Halloween is a very special time of the year for horror fans. Let's face it, it's our "Holiday Season". The only bad thing about it? It's also when every store, both physical and online, raises the prices of their stuff, making it difficult for folks to afford their horror haul. NOT ANYMORE!

Dread Central Turns Six!

Six years ago Dread Central opened its doors on July 4th, declaring our independence from those who were holding us back, and the lunatics have been running the asylum ever since. The road thus far has been winding and unpredictable, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Dread Central's Regrets, Reviews, and Regards - Sometimes We Suck

We admit it. We're not always right. In fact, like everyone else sometimes we miss the mark by a mile. Still, one man's trash is another's treasure, and in that spirit we'd like to take this time to poke a little fun at ourselves and look back at some of the reviews we get no end of shit for.

Dread Central and Machinima Hosting an Early Screening of The Cabin in the Woods in Berkeley, California

Live in or around Berkeley, California and looking for a good time? Have we got a hot ticket for you! A special early screening of the highly anticipated The Cabin in the Woods (review here)! Read on for all the details!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Go Inside the Tucker and Dale Party

At the San Diego Comic-Con last week, we were privileged to co-host with Magnet Releasing a VIP party to celebrate the upcoming release of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil onto VOD and in theaters.

Dread Central Turns Five! Time to Blow Stuff Up!

Five years. Ups and downs. Crowning achievements. Growing pains aplenty. Old friends. New faces. Everything in-between. That's pretty much what the ride has been like for us here at Dread Central, and every bit of joy and pain has never seemed more worth it.

Get Dread Central on Your iPhone and Your Android. Right Now. FREE!

Just like the rest of the world, we here at Dread Central like to have everything in the palms of our hands. Especially ourselves! Wait ... that didn't sound right ... *ahem* Anyway, now you can have us with you anytime you want, everywhere you go ... for free!

Goodbye Dread Central! Hello Geek Terminal!

Some of you may have noticed over the past few months that Dread Central articles have periodically strayed from the horror genre. That was just a test run for the big news. Much of the Dread Central staff will soon be migrating over to our new website, Geek Terminal, a web portal covering movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, etc. News that's important to the internet fanboy community.

What's YOUR Favorite Scary Movie? Tell Us NOW!

Here at DC we look for new and cool ways to involve our readers in the spooky fun. The wheels are always turning, and we've cooked up something pretty neat we'd like you guys to take part in!

Happy New Year 2011!

The year 2010 was a truly strange animal. Sure it was filled with the usual ups, downs, surprises, and letdowns, but it was also home to odd events we never saw coming like MGM nearly folding, Paranormal Activity 2 not being just a cash-in, and Uwe Boll actually making a good movie in the form of Rampage.