Dragon Wasps

Dragon Wasps Buzzing onto VOD March 7th from XLrator Media

Our friends across the pond in the UK have been enjoying Dragon Wasps for a while now, but come March 7th, thanks to XLrator Media, we'll be seeing it on VOD here in the States as well, followed by a DVD release on April 9th.

Dragon Wasps (UK DVD)

Starring Corin Nemec, Dominika Juillet, Benjamin Easterday, Nikolete Noel Directed by Joe Knee Distributed by Chelsea Films

Check Out a Mind-Blowing New Dragon Wasps Clip!

As we get ever closer to the September 17th UK DVD release of Dragon Wasps, the buzz is increasing, and as such, we have a brand new clip for you to feast your mandibles on – entitled "Head Explosion." Yummy!

Dragon Wasps Fly in With a New Clip

As distributor Chelsea Films gears up for the impending UK DVD release of creature feature Dragon Wasps, a new clip has landed that lets you take a quick peek at a couple of the titular fire-breathing winged beasties. We don’t think bug spray’s gonna cut it here, folks!

Second Trailer for Dragon Wasps Scorches the Interwebs

There are times when we really, really appreciate our jobs. Instead of slaving away at the usual 9 to 5'er, we get to report on horror movies. The crazier, the better. One look at this second trailer for Dragon Wasps, and you, too, will be grinning from ear-to-ear!

Dragon Wasps Trailer Fully Loaded with Giant Fire-Breathing Bug Action

Piranhaconda isn’t the only new b-movie creature trailer dropping today. Gigantic fire-spewing wasps terrorize soldiers in the trailer for Dragon Wasps. Is it wrong I think this looks more fun than Piranhaconda?