Doug Bradley

Sean Bean Goosesteps to The 4th Reich

Some pretty nifty necombats come out of Cannes concerning the latest Nazi-themed horror flick to come our way, The 4th Reich. Former "Game of Thrones" star Sean Bean has joined the ever growing cast, which includes Sean Pertwee, Tom Savini, and Craig Conway in Shaun Robert Smith's film.

Director's Cut of Nightbreed Screening in L.A.

God is an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow, Midian is where the monsters live, and Los Angeles is where you can see them next! In California? Not in California? We've got one hell of a reason for you to make a pilgrimage to the city of angels.

Exclusive: Wrong Turn 5 Wraps, Extensive Photo Gallery and Update!

With writer/director Declan O’Brien’s Wrong Turn 5 having wrapped today in Bulgaria, here are an exclusive and extensive photo gallery from our set visit and an update on the production. Read on!

Full Cast Revealed for Wrong Turn 5

A couple of weeks ago we announced exclusively that Doug Bradley had joined Declan O'Brien's upcoming Wrong Turn 5. Now Fox has released the full cast list for the now shooting flick. Dig it!

Exclusive: Official Wrong Turn 5 Casting News

With writer/director Declan O’Brien currently filming Wrong Turn 5 in Bulgaria, here’s an official casting update from the studio which just landed in our inbox. Read on for details!

Wrong Turn 5 Casting Continues

Following up on yesterday's exclusive and confirmed casting news that Doug Bradley had joined the cast of Declan O'Brien's Wrong Turn 5, the name of the flick's female lead has now come our way. Read on for details.

Re-Take Nightbreed and Help Rally For a Director's Cut Release

We've all heard about the infamous Nightbreed extended cut although it's a terrible tragedy that only a small group of people have head the pleasure of seeing it. One group, 'Occupy Midian', is intent on changing this, however, so keep reading to find out how you can support them.

Composer Announced for The Infliction; A New Batch of Stills Released

Matthan Harris, creator of the independent horror flick The Infliction, has announced that Italian composer Marco Werba will be writing the score for the film. To go along with this news, Harris supplied us with a new set of stills.

Make a Date with The Reverend

We've been talking about the big screen adaptation of The Reverend for quite some time here on DC, and the flick now has a release date! Say your prayers, kids! And remember... never take the Eucharist from a stranger!

Exclusive New Images from The Infliction

Writer/director/producer/star Matthan Harris has provided Dread Central with an exclusive batch of photos from his new film The Infliction. Recently interviewed as part of DC's "Texas Frightmakers" series, Harris is wrapping up post-production on the film as we speak. He hopes to have the remaining work completed in time for a May premiere.

The 4th Reich Marching in Berlin

How's that for a headline right out of a horror movie? While in all actuality what we're talking about here is far less dramatic, we just couldn't resist!

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Matthan Harris

Texas is a strange, strange place. Most horror fans think about chainsaws when you say the name Texas around them, and that's not a huge stretch from the truth. Bigger than many nations, Texas contains every variety of landscape and community found elsewhere in the US. It also contains no small amount of weirdness and weirdos. Inspired by the Texas Frightmakers panels at last year's Texas Frightmare Weekend as well as my love for my adopted home, I'm proud to introduce a series of monthly interviews called Texas Frightmakers.

Doug Bradley to Read Classic Poe Tale on Delamorte's Dungeon of Delights

January 19th is not just a memorable date because it was the day former WWE Superstar Bam Bam Bigelow died, it's also the birthdate of Edgar Allan Poe. And, in a blending of historic horror with a modern master, Doug Bradley (famous for his portrayal of Pinhead in eight Hellraiser films) will be reading one of Poe's most beloved works on Delamorte's Dungeon of Delights radio show.

Fire Busts Out in New Imagery from The Reverend

Wake up, kiddies! We've got two big reasons why you should be excited for the upcoming flick The Reverend along with some fiery action to warm your bones this first week of the new year! Dig it!

Your Thirst Quenched for the Latest One-Sheet for The Reverend

After seeing this latest one-sheet for The Reverend, one thing is abundantly clear... Someone has bad table manners. Or bed manners. Or wherever the hell he just feasted on someone manners.