Don Thacker

AFM 2013: Motivational Growth Finds a Home

This year's American Film Market is crawling across the finish line, and the news is still coming in. Next up is word that Don Thacker's flick Motivational Growth (review) has been nabbed by Indiecan Entertainment for Canadian distro. Read on for details.

Celluloid Screams - Don Thacker Gives Us a Talk on Motivational Growth

In town for the UK premiere of his film Motivational Growth (review) at Sheffield's Celluloid Screams festival, self-described "Engine of Delight" Don Thacker gracefully sat down with us for a lengthy chat about the film and his work past, present and future. What's in that head of his?

Motivational Growth (2013)

Starring Adrian DiGiovanni, Jeffrey Combs, Danielle Doetsch, Ken Brown, Pete Giovagnoli, Rober

Jeffrey Combs Has Developed a Motivational Growth

Jeffrey Combs. You can put this man in ANYTHING and we'll watch it. Especially if he's portraying a nasty giant talking creature with a penchant for getting its victims off of their asses before taking a bite out of them!