Don Michael Paul

Kevin Bacon Dreaming of Being in Tremors Reboot

Sounds like Kevin Bacon is really wanting to saddle up and reprise his role of Valentine McKee from the 1990 classic Tremors. How do we know this? Well, we heard it straight from the horse's mouth, and now you can too!

Burt Gummer Returns in Tremors Reboot

Last week we learned that Don Michael Paul (Lake Placid: The Final Chapter) is working on a reboot of Tremors for Universal, though specific details at the time were nonexistent. Hungry for more? Well then, read on for a whole lot more!

Tremors Finally Getting a Reboot

There's been talk of a new version of Universal's wormy creature feature Tremors for several years now, but it finally sounds like the wheels are in motion. Filmmaker Don Michael Paul (Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Jarhead 2: Field of Fire) recently took to his blog with a rather interesting announcement.

B-Sides: Rolling Vengeance Coming Up on You

If you’re going to make a movie about a vigilante seeking Rolling Vengeance against the rednecks that murdered his family and raped his girlfriend by running them over with a custom-built monster truck, you’d better have a hard drinkin’ theme song like “Coming Up on You” to serenade the slaughter.

Yancy Butler Returns from the Dead for Lake Placid 4

When I reviewed Lake Placid 3 last year, I stated that the best part of the film was Yancy Butler’s surly croc hunter. The producers must have agreed since she’s just been signed to star in Lake Placid 4 despite her character having died in the previous film.