Don Barton

Rest in Peace Don Barton

The old school monster movie community has lost another of its own as Don Barton, director of the funky 70s horror classic ZAAT, has passed on. Read on for details.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Zaat

As we reported previously, Zaat hit the market in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack this past February 21st, and while we're still scratching our heads about that a bit, Trembles saw fit to do an MPP review for the flick.

Official Blu-ray Announcement: - The Seventies "Classic" Zaat

We have no idea just who was clamoring for this one, but regardless, Zaat is well on its way to Blu-ray high definition, and we've got the official word straight from the fish's ... demon's ... er ... monster's mouth!

40-Year-Old Cult Catfish-Man Movie Zaat Spawning Blu-ray and a Sequel

And here I thought that story I wrote a few weeks back about a Giant Spider Invasion musical was the most unlikely Seventies b-movie reboot news of the year. Now comes word that the 1971 catfish-man flick Zaat is getting the DVD/Blu-ray treatment (not surprising), and a sequel is in the works (very surprising).