Dominic Purcell

Escapee Trailer Escapes Online! Lock up Your Kids!

It's been a long while since we had anything to talk about regarding the new loony on the loose flick, Escapee, but lo and behold Voltage Pictures has released the trailer and more. Dig it!

Dominic Purcell Cuts a Path of Destruction as the Escapee

A new thriller is on the way from Hollywood Media Bridge and Tall Tales Entertainment in association with Voltage Pictures and Nantucket Productions that from the sound of things promises a lot of the red stuff.

Director Rod Lurie on the Straw Dogs Remake

With the remake of the 1971 classic film Straw Dogs now officially in the can, the big question on fans' minds is just how visceral this new version will be in comparison to the original. That being said, some new light has been shed upon the subject.

Straw Dogs Remake Delayed

Is anyone really looking forward to the remake of Sam Peckinpah's 1971 masterpiece Straw Dogs? Anyone? Well, if you are amongst those who are super excited at seeing another perfectly good film put through the Hollywood ringer, we have some bad news for you.

New Stills: Blood Creek

Some new stills crept online today for Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek (review here) to help celebrate the January 19th, 2010 DVD release of the film from Lionsgate. Purcell in bones shackles? OK. We're there. From the Press Release

Blood Creek Trailer Rears Its Head

Arriving on DVD January 19th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is Joel Schumacher's long-delayed Nazi fueled horror opus, Blood Creek (review here), and we've got a trailer for your perusal. Goose-step your way into this story to check it out!

Blood Creek Coming Home

Well, we knew it wouldn't be long before this flick hit home video! Arriving on DVD January 19 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is Joel Schumacher's long-delayed and recently dumped into theatres, Blood Creek (review here).

Badass One-Sheet: Blood Creek

So Joel Schumacher's latest film Blood Creek has been dumped into a handful of second-run and two-dollar theatres by Lionsgate without so much as a peep of notice. It's a wonder then how it got itself such a badass poster.

Lionsgate Dumps Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek into Theatres ... Today.

Remember that flick Town Creek we told you about a while ago? We first brought it to your attention that Joel Schumacher was working on a horror flick having to do with the Nazis' obsession with creating the master race way back in 2007. Well, it's in theatres now. Really. It is. Well ... sort of.

Woods and Purcell Join Straw Dogs Remake

Lord knows we don’t need another version of Straw Dogs; we just don’t. In fact, if there’s a common thread among all remakes these days (yes, even the good ones), it’s that they’re pointless. I’m sure director Rod Lurie (The Last Castle) will put together a competent enough film, but really: Why?