Cold Spots: Poogan's Porch

Charleston, SC - There are people in her house. She doesn't know them, but they come in droves. They eat in her living room, cook in her kitchen, and pay her no mind at all. After such a long life of lonely solitude, the air is thick with conversation and the scent of Lowcountry spices. Of course she hasn't lived here, or anywhere, for a long time, and the house is no longer her home, but she continues to walk the floors and look out the windows, remembering a time that once was.

Pascal Laugier Raises Hell About Dogs, Details & More!

"It’s a good time to be me,” Pascal Laugier jokingly told the folks at Fangoria recently during an in-depth interview. The French director of Martyrs touched upon all his upcoming projects, and we've got the highlights for you.

Laugier Thrown to the Dogs

Trade magazine Production Weekly has reported that Pascal Laugier is considering signing up to direct a mad canine thriller aptly dubbed Dogs.