Exclusive: Adam Barnick Talks What Is Scary?, Mainstream and More

A few years ago while covering Paul Solet’s Grace during what almost seems like a lifetime ago now, this writer was introduced to Adam Barnick, the mastermind behind the extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes for Anchor Bay’s home release of the title.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy Limited Edition T-Shirt and DVD Price Reduction

Still looking for Christmas gifts for those hard to shop for people on your list? Just in time for the holidays, the price for the Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy Collector's Edition DVD has been reduced to $17.99 with FREE shipping. In addition, courtesy of Fright Rags, a limited edition Never Sleep Again t-shirt is now available - but hurry! Only 400 are being made.

UK Fans! In or Near London this Weekend? Have Your Say on A Serbian Film in a New Documentary!

Any regular reader of Dread should be no stranger to the controversy surrounding Srdjan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Film. Inspired by the reactions that the film has inspired and the treatment it has received at the hands of censors, director Spasojevic and producer Nikola Pantelic have decided to make a documentary about the making of the film and its current effect on the cinematic world.

Scream: The Inside Story Facebook Page Looking to Befriend Other Psychos!

Looking to be kept up-to-date on all things pertaining to the upcoming look back at Wes Craven's original entry into the Scream franchise for the A&E Biography Channel, "Scream: The Inside Story"? Well then fire up your Facebook because an official page has been launched!

Are You Ready to Find Out What is Scary?

So really, dearest reader, what scares you the most? Speaking for myself, the answer is clear: the enigma that is Don King's Afro and the mystery that it represents. Okay, never mind ... it is frightening though. Filmmaker Adam Barnick has gone to great lengths to try and answer this question, and his new documentary, What is Scary?, is almost ready to shed some light on the subject.

First Look: Scream: The Inside Story / First Word: The Trouble with the Truth

Yesterday we told you guys about the Dan Farrands-directed Scream documentary for the A&E Biography Channel, "Scream: The Inside Story", the next in a long running series of programs examining some of the world's most influential films, and today we bring you the very first images from the set! What better way to spend your time in-between chowing down on turkey and pumpkin pie?

Scream: The Inside Story Coming in April

Yep, there's another Scream documentary on the way in addition to the one we first reported on here. Overkill? Fear not, dear reader, the projects couldn't be more different.

Get Ready to Scream for a New Documentary

Born in the 1990's, Wes Craven's Scream franchise has become a horror staple. Just in time for the fourth film in the series to come our way, a new documentary has been cooking steadily to take us behind-the-scenes and outline what all the screaming is about!

Never Sleep Again on Cable TV in Two Parts Starting TONIGHT!

Too busy, broke or lazy to pick up the DVD but still a huge Fred Head? Not to worry, my fiends! You get your chance to watch the critically acclaimed and Reaper Award-winning documentary Never Sleep Again starting tonight! Be warned though, it has been edited for television and does not include the four hours of bonus features (well, eight hours if you count the director's commentary) ...

Exclusive Clip - The Psycho Legacy, Plus Premiere and Signing Details!

We're ecstatic that the release of Robert Galluzzo's long awaited documentary The Psycho Legacy (review here) is right around the corner. It's been a long road for Rob and company, and we couldn't be prouder of them! To celebrate the film's release, we got our claws on an exclusive clip from the doc for ya! Dig it!

Never Sleep Again Collector's Edition in Stores NOW!

Working on Never Sleep Again was both a thrill and an honor for me and the stellar team we assembled to make the project into what it was always meant to be ... a gift for fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. But we're not done giving just yet ...

First Footage Hits Online: Halloween: The Inside Story

Excited for Phil Nobile's feature length documentary "Halloween: The Inside Story"? With its small screen debut rapidly approaching, there's no reason not to be. I mean, can you really have too much of John Carpenter's Halloween around this time of year?

Halloween: The Inside Story Premiere Date Set!

Updated: New date for the premiere: Monday October 25th at 9 pm ET. It's almost the wonderful time of the year again, and what would it be without a little news concerning The Shape? With Never Sleep Again under the old belt, I can tell you documentary filmmaking is anything but easy, but when it's done right? The rewards are certainly there to reap.

Zombie Girl: The Movie Shambles Onto DVD

Low-budget horror flicks are as common as bedbug headlines these days, right? What's interesting about the documentary Zombie Girl: The Movie isn't the behind-the-scenes look at bargain basement filmmaking but rather the fact that the director is a twelve-year-old girl. Talk about starting young!