Doctor Sleep

Stephen King Promises Doctor Sleep Will Be Goddamn Scary!

For my money neither of the adaptations (film, TV miniseries) of Stephen King's The Shining did the book justice, and it remains my favorite of everything he's written, which is why I'm really looking forward to its sequel, Doctor Sleep, and am super happy to pass on King's recent description of it.

Stephen King Brings a Shining Sequel to Life With Doctor Sleep

I'm sort of ashamed to admit I only read "The Shining" for the first time this summer. But I'm a big Stephen King fan, regardless, and have kept up with the majority of his recent output. That's precisely why this bit of news excites me. King's been on a winning streak with his last few forays into the horror genre so what better time to hone a sequel to one of his most beloved works?

Stephen King NOT Writing a Sequel to The Shining

We reported yesterday on Stephen King's supposed plans to write a sequel to The Shining, as relayed by Toronto 1st. Sadly some new first-hand info has come to light denouncing their report.

Stephen King: A Shining Sequel on the Way?

Now THIS is pretty damned interesting ... a sequel to one of Stephen King's most beloved terror tales written by the man himself? Consider our attention officially gotten!