D.J. Perry

Can You Survive the Darkest Night?

More cinéma-vérité style chills are headed our way thanks to Gothic Productions International, and we've got the first word on what to expect from horror's Darkest Night. From the Press Release

Sherwood Horror Sinks its Fangs into a Maid Marian

We've been bringing you news on the modern day Robin Hood with vampires flick Sherwood Horror for over a year now. Filming has still yet to commence. Today we were sent word that the film has finally found its Maid Marian -- an actress I've never heard of.

New Photos Show Off the Latest Renovation

Now that the Yuma, Arizona, based Renovation is in post-production, some new photos of the film directed by Robert Gwinn and starring D.J. Perry have come to light.

Ernie Hudson Joins Serial Killer Sequel A State of Hate

Ernie Hudson, best known of course to horror fans for his recurring role as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbuster films, is attached to star in Anthony Hornus' upcoming A State of Hate, which is a sequel to Hornus' 2003 film An Ordinary Killer. Hudson will play Nate Wallace, the father of a young murder victim in a small Michigan town.

Renovation Reveals its Trailer and Some Behind-the Scenes Photos

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Renovation, an upcoming thriller directed by Robert Gwinn and starring D.J. Perry, but today we learned they've completed their trailer and opened up a spiffy new website as well.

D.J. Perry Making Bloody Renovation - Early Art

Fresh off his role in the not at all genre-centric Miracle at Sage Creek for Universal, D.J. Perry is set to trade in Western mush for blood and gore in the indie horror/thriller Renovation.