Disney's Matterhorn Finds a Writer to Breathe Life into its Yetis

We're still pondering just how Disneyland ride The Matterhorn is going to make the transition from mini-rollercoaster to big screen event, but a writer has been tapped to bring it all full circle. So who's taking the reins? Read on!

A Director Found for Disney's The Night Stalker Reboot with Johnny Depp

Since first hearing about Johnny's Depp's involvement in a feature version of the '70s TV movie The Night Stalker, we've been wondering who might direct the film, and today our answer has come. Read on for the details.

Commercials Director Dons Skis and Heads Off to the Matterhorn for a Yeti Encounter

It was way back in August when we told you that Disney's Matterhorn ride was about to have a feature film based upon it. Personally we'd rather see a movie about the person who was rumored to have been beheaded on the ride, but alas, that just isn't so. In any event, the film now has a director, and we've got the scoop.

Disney Still Looking to Howl with the Lone Ranger

A while ago we did a story concerning Disney scrapping the long talked about Johnny Depp vehicle The Lone Ranger. Why were we even covering it, you ask? Because everyone's favorite cowboy and Indian were slated to go head up with a werewolf. We thought the project was dead in the water. Until now ...

Get Ready to Take Disney's Matterhorn up The Hill to Face Yetis

Battleship. The Haunted Mansion. The Pirates of the Caribbean. Will the adaptations never cease? True some attractions like The Haunted Mansion and Pirates have great possibility for story telling, and some like Battleship seem so completely pointless it's mystifying. One has to wonder what grouping Disneyworld's Matterhorn Ride will fall into.

Did Disney Deny Us a $200 Million Lone Ranger vs. Werewolves Flick?

Disney has pulled the plug on The Lone Ranger due to the budget skyrocketing upwards of $200 million. If that price tag doesn’t sound crazy enough to you, what if I told you the premise would have seen the Lone Ranger and Tonto fighting werewolves in the Old West?

Disney and Johnny Depp Teaming Up for a Remake of The Night Stalker!

I honestly can't think of any news that's made me this giddy since first hearing that Johnny Depp would be taking on the persona of Barnabas Collins in a Dark Shadows film. Next on the prolific actor/producer's plate? How about Depp inhabiting the shoes of tabloid reporter Carl Kolchak?

Oz: The Great and Powerful Has Casting Updates and a Release Date

Well, just about a year has passed since we last spoke of the Sam Raimi-helmed Oz: The Great and Powerful, and we're still not sure how Dread worthy of a project it's going to be, but quite a bit of news has been coming out lately so we thought we'd share it with all the Raimi (and Oz) lovers out there.

New Ghosts Invade Disney's The Haunted Mansion

No, we're not talking about the upcoming movie or that damned Eddie Murphy crapfest from a few years ago. The big daddy spooky ride of them all - Disney's The Haunted Mansion - has gotten some new spirits to further the paranormal hijinx and fun!

Henry Selick Bringing on More Terror for Tots with New Studio

The name Henry Selick may or may not jump out at you, but we can assure you that you're very much familiar with his incredible stop-motion work on new classics like Coraline, James and the Giant Peach, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Disney and Ahmet Zappa to Open The Museum of the Weird

If you've ever been traveling, you know just about every state has a museum of the weird and wild somewhere along its roads. Except, of course, for the great city of Austin, Texas, which is proud to be weird everywhere all year round. Still, if anyone could pull off the mother of all weird museums, it would most likely be Disney. And a little help from Frank Zappa's son wouldn't hurt either.

Nightmare Before Christmas to Return in 4D!

'What the hell is 4D?', you might be asking. It's actually an old school gimmick (much like 3D itself) dusted off and updated with modern technology. You won't only have the opportunity to witness Tim Burton's popular and enduring cult flick The Nightmare Before Christmas in all three dimensions, you'll experience it live in the theater.

Disney Getting Back into the Gargoyles Game

Disney's "Gargoyles" was a popular animated series back in the mid-Ninties. So popular there were plans at one point for a live-action feature. Now it looks like Disney is finally going to make a big screen feature about gargoyles, but don't expect it to have anything to do with the cartoon.

Sam Raimi Off to See the Wizard in Oz: The Great and Powerful?

When was the last time you watched the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz? As a kid I adored the movie. As a teenager I got really stoned while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as its soundtrack. Now, as an adult it officially scares the hell out of me. Oh, how times change. Could those scares transfer over to its prequel? How about if Sam Raimi is at the helm?

Evil Royalty to Get Her Due in Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty's arch nemesis, the evil queen Maleficent, may just be getting her very own live action film pretty soon courtesy of the writer of the hit 3D flick Alice in Wonderland and (who else?) Tim Burton. We really have to start wondering if Burton realizes just how busy he is as much as we do.