Discovery Channel

MythBusters Starts Marching with The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" is nothing short of a media juggernaut that looks to have no signs of slowing down any time soon. But what of the phenomenon of the dead returning to life? Could it happen? Enter the Discovery Channel's "MythBusters."

Max Brooks Heads to Sons of Guns to Build the Ultimate Zombie Killing Weapon

Horror flicks have spread everywhere like a horde of the living dead, and you just never know where the beast of a genre that we love will show up next. Speaking of which ...

Eli Roth Investigates Evil in New Episode of Discovery's Curiosity

We all have a dark side to our personalities, possessing both a yin and yang, a devil and angel, a Batman and Joker (…by the way, I will be giving thanks this Thanksgiving for Arkham City). But just what side controls you, the dark or light, and to what extreme? Modern day horror icon Eli Roth will explore that question on the next episode of Discovery Channel's "Curiosity", entitled "How Evil Are You?"

Be Ready to Discover The Exorcist Files

The devil and possession have been drawing big box office dollars for a long time now, but can big red also attract monster-sized TV ratings? That's what the Discovery Channel is banking on with its latest series, "The Exorcist Files".

Haunting Winners Announced!

Halloween's just around the corner so guess what that means? It's time to give away some really spooky swag!