Dinner for Fiends

Dinner for Fiends: Reflecting on Mirrors

Another highly anticipated horror movie has come and gone in theaters this past weekend and while I was really holding out hope Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors (review) would be as good as it looked, I guess I should’ve known better.

Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks

Though it takes us abut a half hour to finally get to discussing the NBC anthology show Fear Itself, when it is brought up the pure, dripping hatred Uncle Creepy holds inside that twisted thing he calls a heart for it is more than worthy of giving this DFF its title. It's scary!

Dinner for Fiends: Two Years of Dread!

As some of you may be aware, tomorrow (July 4th, 2008) is Dread Central’s two-year anniversary online as our own independent, ass kicking, horror loving, monster hugging entity. And we thought it only appropriate that we celebrate with a special stroke-filled Dinner for Fiends!

Dinner for Fiends: Breaking Wind

You hated it, we hated it, and now we can all come together and celebrate the badness that was The Happening (review) the only way we know how; with our throats! Wait, that sounds wrong...

Dinner for Fiends: The Strangeness

There are times I try to fool myself and pretend you guys listen to Dinner for Fiends for our insightful commentary on the latest and greatest in horror happenings. Deep down inside, though, I know it's because we're just fucking strange.

Dinner for Fiends? NIIIIICE!!!!

So we've been away for a while. "Why?" you ask. There just hasn't been very much to talk about. I mean honestly, Prom Night? Who cares? "Moonlight" getting canceled? Big deal! Frustrated, we went on a soul searching retreat in Guam. Now that we have once again regained our chi, we're back with a vengeance!

Dinner for Fiends: Nature Runs Amok!

Nature. It’s all around us, at all times, just watching … waiting for us to slip up and make its move so it can go … AMOK! Instead of going over the latest shitty remake or throwaway horror film in theaters, the topic for the latest Dinner for Fiends is something close to every horror fan’s heart; nature gone amok movies!

Dinner for Fiends: Ruination

Sorry for the long time between these podcasts, kids. If you need someone to blame, feel free to blame Uncle Creepy; though not really his fault, he can take it better than anyone else.

Dinner for Fiends: The 4th Wall Drinking Game!

It's time for another edition of Dinner For Fiends, a rather intimate edition, almost a Foycast with a special guest, as this DFF consisted solely of myself (The Foywonder, duh!), the ever salty Uncle Creepy, and "Mr. 4th Wall" Andrew Kasch. Everyone else was either sick or MIA the day we recorded the show.

Dinner for Fiends: Fear Fest 2 Pre-Show!

Well, this weekend will see the second annual Fear Fest, in case you couldn’t tell by our constant screaming about it on every corner of the site, and to prepare for the debauchery that shall follow, we decided to have a nice, sane conversation about it.

Dinner for Fiends Gets Signalized!

Another Dinner for Fiends in the can and I gotta tell you ahead of time, folks; since we’re discussing The Signal (review) it’s only fitting we all get a bit crazy at the end. It doesn’t help that Signal star A.J. Bowen (Lewis) joined us and only encouraged some of our worst tendencies.

Dinner for Fiends: Dissecting Diary

So this past Friday George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (review) finally made its way to theaters, and to say it had a polarizing effect on the Dread staff is likely one of the biggest understatements of the year.

Dinner for Fiends: The Remake

Remakes. We hate them, we love them, we just cannot seem to get away from them. Hell, some of our most cherished horror films are remakes: The Thing, The Fly, When a Stranger Calls ... all right, maybe not that last one.

Dinner for Fiends: Fields of Clover

Hype, hype, and more hype. Seems like that’s all Hollywood knows how to do these days in order to try and guarantee a big box office return for the coveted opening weekend. But what happens when a film actually lives up to the hype and winds up #1 at the box office?

Dinner for Fiends: AvPissed

All right, so we took way too long to get together and talk about Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem (review) but, believe it or not, most of the venom is still very fresh!