Release Date Follies - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and Shelter

Some quick news regarding the releases of two flicks that will (or, in one case, will not) be swimming our way shortly. Get out your calendars, kids! It's time to make a few changes!

The Number 23 Predicts an American Remake in London

Werewolf movies are becoming the in thing again. Hollywood currently loves remaking classic horror movies. Since nobody learned any lessons from the disappointment that was The Wolfman remake earlier this year, it should come as little shock to hear that Dimension Films is developing a reboot of John Landis' classic An American Werewolf in London.

*UPDATE* Dimension Teases Us With Halloween 3D Twitter Page

While Rob Zombie's take on the Halloween films left the fanbase pretty much divided over the liberties and direction he took with the franchise, there's one thing for certain ... he will not be returning for a third film. But ... someone is!

Another Amityville Remake Coming?

I know what you're saying? Another Amityville Horror? Truth be told, we didn't really mind the first remake by Platinum Dunes. Hell, it was better than the original which doesn't stand up well at all. For our money it's Amityville II: The Possession that ranks as best of the bunch. So the question beckons -- Are we ready for another remake?

AFM: Scream 4 Early Sales Art

Straight and to the point. That's how you could describe the early sales art for Kevin Williamson's first entry into his new Scream trilogy, Scream 4. Sure it's nothing groundbreaking but it gets the job done!

AFM Synopses: Hellraiser and Scream 4

AFM is yielding lots of genre fare this year, including posters and of course synopses that hold an early look at what we can expect from two pretty prominent genre films - the Hellraiser remake and Scream 4.

Neve Campbell Back for Scream 4 and More Horror From Dimension

How do you apply a bandage to an ailing company? Simple, you go back to what made it strong in the first place, your franchise titles. At least that's the Weinsteins' latest formula for success. Starting with Scream 4 and the now returning to the series Neve Campbell.

Piranha's Red Tide Postponed a Bit

Something smell a little fishy to you? Yep, the sour stench of date switching is in the air. But it's not all bad. In fact, you'll hardly notice!

Four More Behind-the-Scenes H2 Stills

Another day. Another batch of stills from Halloween II. Ok, getting a bit bored now. Please Rob ... save something for the movie! We feel as if we've seen the damned thing already.

Gory Piranha Images Turn the Water Red

Violence! Mayhem! Fish with teeth! Bodies shredded! We really like what we're seeing coming out of Arizona lately as another set of behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced from Aja's 3D Piranha, this time depicting a healthy bit of carnage!

Porn Princess Riley Steele to be Eaten ... By Piranha

Man, when the folks behind Aja's remake of Piranha put out a casting call for beautiful people, they really weren't kidding! A hot little press release just showed up in our inbox announcing that porn star Riley Steele has nabbed herself a lead role in the upcoming redux of the 1978 cult classic!

Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr to be Eaten by Piranha

Just when you thought it was safe to run off at the mouth! "Gossip Girl"'s Jessica Szohr is the latest piece of fresh meat to become fodder for prehistoric fish in Aja's remake of Piranha in 3D!

Rodriguez to Write & Direct Nerverackers

I don’t know about you, but I learned two things from Demolition Man; one is that blondes really do have more fun. The other? That futuristic societies in which all crime has been abolished are bound to crack.