Diary of the Dead 2

Clarification of the Dead

Over the weekend, we did a story linking back to an article in USA Today about Romero’s new Dead film, which is wrapping up shooting in Toronto in the next few days. A line from said article stated that characters from both Land and Diary of the Dead would be returning in the new movie, which seems to have got some fans in a tizzy already.

New Romero Project Gets a Name? Island of the Dead

For those of us Dead faithful out there eagerly anticipating George A. Romero's latest trip into the world of the flesh eater, it's time to rejoice! The film finally has a name! At least, according to IMDB...

Exclusive: Diary 2 to Begin Shooting in September

You know it's a good day to be a zombie fan when you learn from some well placed friends that your favorite walking dead director is getting set to start production on yet another entry into his classic series! Ah yes, kids, Diary of the Dead 2 is all but on its way!

Exclusive: Romero Talks Diary 2!

So as you all probably know by now, George Romero’s latest fan-dividing zombie film, Diary of the Dead, is finally coming to DVD on May 20th (get it here). To celebrate and help spread the word, our own Uncle Creepy sat down with Mr. Romero for a cool, very relaxed interview that you should give a listen to right here.

Diary 2 Not Happening Yet?

So we’ve all been over-geeking about Romero turning around and instantly returning to the Diary of the Dead (review) characters and situations, since during AFM it was all over that Diary of the Dead 2 was definitely happening.

Diary of the Dead Sequel Confirmed

Now this is what I call a Halloween treat! Details have emerged about George Romero’s planned sequel to Diary of the Dead (review) which we first mentioned a few days back ("Romero’s Multiple Diaries" – October 2007).

Romero's Multiple Diaries

George A. Romero isn't done with the dead, not by a long shot. Diary of the Dead (review) is doing well as far as reviews go, and that was all the master needed to start working on the next zombie installment.

Romero to Direct More Dead?

I bet George Romero wishes he could stay away from the dead for a while. Though the undisputed Zombie Master is enjoying yet another media flurry of attention on him, thanks to the fantastic reception Diary of the Dead received at TIFF, how long can you really go on making the dead come back to life? If the Weinsteins get what they want, at least once more.