Diane Foster

The Orphan Killer is Coming to a Store Near You! Look For Marcus Miller Masks this Halloween!

Halloween is eight months away, but you can never start planning too early. Let's see, you've been a zombie, a vampire and Gene Simmons in full KISS face paint in the past. You need something new and we've got a costume idea for you that's completely original.

Writer/Director Matt Farnsworth Talks The Orphan Killer Past, Present and Future

The Orphan Killer is the brainchild of writer/director Matt Farnsworth. The film is unique in that it's generated an international buzz of interest without ever having had an official release.

Dread Central's Online Film Series Presents The Orphan Killer Tonight on Constellation.tv Hosted by Doctor Gash

After a long hiatus Doctor Gash returns to host the increasingly popular Dread Central Online Film Series. Tonight's offering is Matt Farnsworth's beautifully bloody slasher known as The Orphan Killer.

Dread Central's Online Screening Returns with Doctor Gash Hosting The Orphan Killer

This Friday, June 29th, Doctor Gash returns to the spotlight to host the newest offering from Dread Central's Online Film Screening series. This month's film is a full-on slasher as Dread Central and the good doctor welcome The Orphan Killer.

Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster Enter The Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there, Orphan Killers! Welcome once again to another installment of The Dungeon of Deadly Delights! In the past four weeks alone, we have had over 100,000 listeners! So thank you from the bottom of my dark heart!

The Orphan Killer is Riding Dirty on Convention Tour

Director Matt Farnsworth is taking his film The Orphan Killer onto the convention tour in style. So if you happen to be driving down the freeway, look over and see a sports car beside you covered with blood, don't worry, it's just The Orphan Killer ... hopefully.

Be the First on Your Block to Own The Orphan Killer Mask

So here you are, sitting on a bunch of Christmas gift cards with nothing to buy. You got all the video games and movies you wanted from the big man in the red suit, and those pre-loaded Visas and MasterCards are burning a hole in your pocket. We've got just the item for you.

Orphan Killer, The (2011)

Starring David Backus, Diane Foster, Matt Farnsworth, Spencer List Written and directed by Matt Farnsworth

The Orphan Killer Introduces Slasher Marcus Miller Worldwide

Marcus Miller is a bad man. The newest cold-blooded (and I mean cold-blooded; this is guy is batshit crazy!) killer to hit the silver screen is the star of Matt Farnsworth's violent new film The Orphan Killer. And he doesn't fuck around.