Diana Terranova

Meet Dread Central's Horror Starlets at Dark Delicacies on September 30th!

SAVE THE DATE! On Sunday, September 30th, at 2 pm, Dark Delicacies will be hosting Dread Central's 2012 batch of Horror Starlets, who will be signing items plus a special edition (limited to 300) Bowling for Boobies color 8x10.

Diana Terranova Interviews The Horror Starlets 2012

Actress, producer, entertainment journalist and convention fave/geek-girl Diana Terranova interviewed a handful of The Horror Starlets 2012 Fundraising Team during their press day on May 30th, and here’s the video!

Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter to Hunt Piranhaconda

One's an intense movie tough guy. The other is a former swimsuit model. The producer is a legend who most recently birthed a Sharktopus. The director is a b-movie kingpin who most recently pitted Dinocroc vs. Supergator. Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter have now signed on to star in the Roger Corman-produced, Jim Wynorski-directed Piranhaconda.

Roger Corman and Jim Wynorski Breeding a Piranhaconda

How can you possibly top Sharktopus? One word: Piranhaconda!